Who is the most popular character in Bandori?

Who is the most popular character in Bandori? Romeo still dominates our favorite covers, and FIRE BIRD rose above the rest! Today we’re sharing some fun trivia about the stats we collected~ Tomorrow we’ll finally announce the OFFICIAL best girl of Bandori (dot) Party! Don’t miss it!

How old is Bandori? Ako Udagawa is a main character in the yuri series BanG Dream!.

Ako Udagawa
BirthdayJuly 3rd
Blood Type?

What is Maskings real name Bandori? Satou Masuki is a second-year high school student at Shirayuki Private Academy, an all-girls’ Catholic school, which she has attended ever since kindergarten. She goes by the stage name MASKING (マスキング) and is the drummer for the band RAISE A SUILEN.

Who is the oldest Bandori girl? kaoru is the oldest main girl in the game (she’s a second year and her bday is february 20th) aya is the youngest second year in the game. tsugumi is the oldest first year.

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Who is the tallest in Bandori?

Girls Band Party! is Wakana Rei, but you might know her by her stage name: LAYER. LAYER stands at a whopping 7’2″!

How old is Kokoro tsurumaki?

Tsurumaki Kokoro

Cure Popcorn
弦巻 こころ Tsurumaki Kokoro
Personal Information
Birthday DateAugust 8

How tall is Aya Maruyama?

BanG Dream! / Characters list / Aya Maruyama

NameAya Maruyama 丸山 彩
CVMaeshima Ami
CV (Japanese)前島亜美
BirthdayDecember 27
Height156 cm

What is pareos real name Bandori?

Nyubara Reona is a second-year middle school student at Kamogawa Chuou Middle School. She goes by the stage name PAREO (パレオ) and is the keyboardist for the band RAISE A SUILEN.

Are Hina and Sayo Bandori twins?

Hina and Sayo are twin sisters; Sayo is the elder, while Hina is the younger. Hina is a genius who can do things at first try, but easily gets bored of them while Sayo is a hard worker who often spends a lot of time mastering her skills and needs more time to learn.

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