Who is the prettiest girl in One Piece?

Who is the prettiest girl in One Piece? Top Ten Prettiest Girls in One Piece

  • 1 P.SEdit.
  • 2 Top Ten Prettiest Girls in One PieceEdit. 2.1 9. TashigiEdit. 2.2 8. PeronaEdit. 2.3 7. Nico RobinEdit. 2.4 6. Nojiko. 2.5 5. NamiEdit.

Who is the lover of Boa Hancock? Initially serving as the main antagonist of the Amazon Lily Arc, she gradually fell in love with the main protagonist and future Emperor, Monkey D. Luffy.

Is Luffy asexual? Luffy is believed to be asexual by many One Piece fans, but this is primarily due to him being “Pure of Heart” with a genuine love for adventure rather than romance.

Who is in love with Luffy? Throughout his journey Luffy has made strong bonds with numerous women. At least two have fallen in love with him, Alvida and Hancock, whilst another two have become enamoured with him, Rebecca and Shirahoshi.

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Who is Nami married to?

Chibaki Inaba, a former cosplayer, model, and race queen, was cosplaying Nami at Jump Festa 2002 for a One Piece stage show when she ran into Oda. They hit it off and after dating for a few years, they got married in 2004.

Does Luffy reject Hancock?

She openly confesses her feelings for Luffy and proposes to marry him. Hancock’s love for Luffy even caused her to turn against the World Government on several occasions. Hancock is very loyal to Luffy despite him rejecting her proposal. Luffy has straight out rejected Boa Hancock’s initial proposal.

Who will end up with Luffy?

At the time of writing, he does not end up with anyone in the One Piece manga, still focused on being the Pirate King and exploring the world.

Who is Zoro’s girlfriend?

14 Zoro x Hiyori. The Wano Arc has brought a variety of interesting developments for fans, but one thing that’s been exciting for shippers in particular has been the subtle exchanges between Roronoa Zoro and Princess Hiyori.

Did Luffy and Hancock have a baby?

Luffy and Hancock also name their child: Monkey D. Flora. Here is a conversation between Flora (7 years old, Kuja warrior in training) and Elder Nyon during Flora’s visit to Nyon’s house.

Who is Nico Robin’s love interest?

Typically, One Piece fans speculate that Robin could end up with someone like Franky, or even mature characters like Brook and Jinbei. Another popular suggestion is Trafalgar Law, since they both share an interest in history.

Who is Luffy daughter?

Luffy and Hancock’s daughter, Monkey D. Flora, is now 17 years old and a full-fledged Kuja warrior. She goes on an adventure to see the world outside of Amazon Lily and to meet her father’s old acquaintances.

Why is Hancock so beautiful?

Hancock has the ability to turn people to stone thanks to the powers of her Mero Mero no Mi Devil Fruit, which uses the lust and desire of the victims against them. Few are able to resist, because Hancock is known as the most beautiful woman in the world, and Oda designed and draws her with this concept in mind.

Is shirahoshi more beautiful than Hancock?

“Shirahoshi is described by many as one of the most beautiful woman in the world, even surpass Boa Hancock in terms of beauty.”

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