Who is the protagonist of IDOLiSH7?

Who is the protagonist of IDOLiSH7? Tsumugi Takanashi (小鳥遊 紡, Takanashi Tsumugi) is the very polite, kind and energetic main protagonist, who in every way a manager and fan could and would loves i7 with all her heart.

Who is Banri in IDOLiSH7? Banri Ogami (大神 万理, Oogami Banri) is a calm and caring individual, he feels very much like everyone’s older brother. Banri does what he can to help behind the scenes, but for one reason or another won’t do anything that puts him even remotely close to the spotlight.

What anime is Momo and Yuki from? Mirai Notes wo Kanadete. Mirai Notes wo Kanadete (ミライノーツを奏でて, Mirai Notes wo Kanadete) is sung by Re:vale’s voice actors, Soichiro Hoshi as Momo and Shinnosuke Tachibana as Yuki.

Who writes the songs for IDOLiSH7 in the anime? Haruki was actually the composer for Zero, and he traveled to Northmare in search of the missing idol. As he grew ill, he entrusted Nagi with the music he wrote and left, hoping Nagi would find someone to sing the songs he had originally written for Zero.

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Will Idolish7 have a Season 4?

Bandai Namco has released a new story trailer for Season 4 or Part 4 of their hit idol rhythm game IDOLiSH7 through their official in-universe youtube channel.

Does Idolish7 have romance?

While Idolish7 looks like a typical idol series on the surface with lots of glitter and silly fun, it’s far more than that. Despite the lack of female characters (which is one of its weaknesses), this is not a reverse-harem anime — romance is mostly a subplot used to enhance the narrative.

Who is the youngest in Idolish7?

The youngest member of ŹOOĻ and also one of its vocalists, Isumi loves sweet things but hates hard work. Although he used to have a goal to strive towards, a certain incident derailed it all.

Who is zero from IDOLiSH7?

ZERO (ゼロ, Zero) is a legendary idol that suddenly disappeared 15 years ago. His disappearance lead to many more trying to enter the industry and become the next big thing.

How old is Tamaki from IDOLiSH7?

21 years old. His music symbol is flat and he represents the number three. The dancing genius of the group, he has great reflexes and has a dancing level equivalent to professionals. Tamaki is shown to be quite emotionally driven and aggressive, but always has good intentions.

What anime has Yuki in it?

GX. Jaden Yuki or Yuki Judai is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, a spin-off of the iconic franchise.

How old is Riku from Idolish7?

Riku Nanese is one of our main characters in the anime Idolish7. He is an energetic 18 year old boy who has much determination to becoming an idol.

How old are the Idolish7 characters?


Iori IzumiToshiki Masuda17
Yamato NikaidoYusuke Shirai22
Mitsuki IzumiTsubasa Yonaga21
Tamaki Yotsuba*Kenn17
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