Who is the real Noblesse?

Who is the real Noblesse? When the Noblesse went missing for a period of 820 years, some people began using the term Noblesse to refer to all Nobles. With the return of Raizel, the usage of the term Noblesse has reverted to its previous, ancient meaning. The current, and only known, person who bears this title is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

Is Raizel alive Noblesse? So Rai was reborn, and the memories the children had lost returned once he did. And we get our happy ever after.

Why is Rai called Noblesse? He is a Noble from Lukedonia who holds the special title of Noblesse, which distinguishes him from all other Nobles as their hidden protector, their judge, and if necessary, executioner. He is Frankenstein’s Master and currently attends Ye Ran High School in order to learn more about the modern human world.

Who does Seira end up with in Noblesse? He proposes to Seira once again after his blunder 10 years ago, but she still rejects him like she did before. However, after Rael reveals that Seira has been summoned back to Lukedonia by the Lord, she quietly and promptly obeys the order and returns with him, leaving Regis with Frankenstein.

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What should I watch if I like Noblesse?

Anime like Noblesse!

  • The Misfit of Demon King Academy.
  • Hellsing Ultimate.
  • Castlevania.
  • Vassalord.
  • Tower of God.

Who is the 1st elder in Noblesse?

List of Elders

RankCurrent ElderRace
1st ElderUnnamedModified Human
2nd ElderMadukeWerewolf Lord
3rd ElderUnnamedModified Human
4th ElderRoctis KraveiModified Noble

Is Rai a vampire?

Rai is what is referred to in the series as a Noble, which is essentially a super-powerful vampire. However, Rai’s abilities with blood are particularly fearsome.

Does Raizel have a child?

The last scene was of Raizel stopping Muzaka from going on a rampage where it was revealed that Ashleen was his daughter.

Who is the strongest Werewolf in Noblesse?

Zaiga was a very powerful werewolf warrior, and one of the most powerful of the werewolves. He competed against Muzaka and Maduke over the title of Lord but lost. He was capable of easily matching the strongest noble clan leader, Kei Ru, in battle.

Who is the strongest vampire in Noblesse?


  • Series: The Noblesse.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: 2,000s; 18 (Physically)
  • Alias(es): Cadis Etrama Di Raizel; Rai.
  • Species: Vampire Noble (True Noblesse – Most Powerful Vampire in Existence)

Is Lord stronger than Noblesse?

A Noble Lord’s power is only complete when they are confident in their own position as Lord and in knowing that they reign over everything in the world. Although the Lord is certainly strong above all Nobles aside from the Noblesse, strength alone does not make him/her a Noble Lord.

What genre is Noblesse anime?

Dark fantasy. Noblesse (manhwa)

GenreDark fantasy
AuthorSon Je-ho
IllustratorLee Kwangsu
Webtoon serviceNaver Webtoon (Korean) Line Webtoon (English)

Who is the strongest in Noblesse anime?

Yes, as he is the main protagonist of the story he is also the strongest in the series. Nobles are considered very powerful but Noblesse is one level above the Nobles. So, we can say that Rai is the strongest character.

Is Noblesse like Vampire Knight?

Similarities: Noblesse is an anime that revolves around supernatural situations and vampires of noble bloodline like Vampire Knight (Noblesse-Rai and VN-Kuran). In both stories, we can see vampires protecting humans along with dark plots and hidden mysteries.

Is Noblesse and noblesse Awakening same?

Animated By. Noblesse: Awakening is an official anime adaptation based on the Noblesse webtoon, produced by Japanese anime studio Production I.G. It is a 31-minute ONA which covers the first two arcs of Volume 1. It is heavily abridged, with minor changes in the storyline.

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