Who is the real Rena?

Who is the real Rena? It is revealed in season 12 episode 12 that yotsuba was the original rena who got the charms and the Ichikia was the girl who played sevens (the cards) with him.

Why did Itsuki dress up as Rena? However, later in the series, Itsuki felt she couldn’t keep the secret hidden much longer as she thought of it as unfair to both Yotsuba and Futaro and decided to dress as “Rena” on her own once again to make Futaro remember who he met, only for her advances to be rejected by him, who had since figured out the girl of …

Who is Itsuki in love with? Raiha Uesugi. Itsuki develops a fondness toward Raiha due to her cuteness and partly after learning Uesugi family’s circumstances. Initially, Itsuki only exchanged her contact information with Fuutarou in return for Raiha’s. The two would even hang out with each other during the school holidays.

Who does Itsuki end up with? The series ends with him being married to Nayuta and them having a son named Sora. Chihiro appears as Itsuki’s younger stepbrother, but Chihiro is actually a girl.

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Do Itsuki like Futaro?

However as things went further, Itsuki slowly started to develop her feelings towards Fuutarou. Out of the sisters, she is the one who is most interested in his past.

What is Itsuki?

Founded in 1878, Kumamoto-based noodle maker Itsuki has been dedicated to producing dried, pre-cooked and instant Japanese noodles to their customers.

How old is Itsuki?

Itsuki Nakano

Age16 17 (from Chapter 79 onwards)
Height159 cm (5’3″) 165 cm (5’5″) (after timeskip)
Personal Status

Did Itsuki pretend to be Rena?

However, Rena is actually one of the quintuplets in disguise trying to help Futaro cut ties to his past—but who was she? Towards the last few episodes of season two, it’s revealed that Itsuki was Rena all along, and she used their mother’s name as an alias.

Is Itsuki a boy name?

Itsuki (いつき, イツキ) is a Japanese given name, which can also be used as a surname.


MeaningIt can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.

What did Itsuki do?

Itsuki was the one who helped Futaro land his position as the five girls’ tutor, and in Season 2, she tried to help Futaro get Yotsuba away from the track team so her sister could get more studying done.

Does yotsuba win?

According to the popular Japanese blog, the ending of the film is same as the manga, meaning the winning the girl is still, Yotsuba Nakano.

Is Itsuki main character?

Itsuki Yuge is the male protagonist and proclaimed God’s Gift in Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!! and Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars. His default name can be changed to the player’s choice.

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