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Who is the strongest person in Eleceed?

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Who is the strongest person in Eleceed? 1. Kayden Break. Here comes the strongest character on the list and Eleceed webtoon. The Kayden Break, instruction of the Jinwoo Seo (protagonist of the series).

Why was mujin obsessed with Jiwoo? Why was Mu Jin Obsessed with Ji Woo? From the beginning, Choi Mu Jin planned to use her. He manipulated her and even went to the police station to test her loyalty. Mu Jin let Ji Woo become the culprit and she willingly exposed her identity to get revenge over Mu Jin.

Who is the most powerful awakened in Eleceed? Seongik Han (한성익 Han Seong-Ig) is a supporting character in the manhwa, Eleceed. He was formerly the leader of Baekho and is currently the principal of the Awakened Academy. He was once called the strongest awakened one in the country.

What is Wooin power in Eleceed? Wooin (우인 U-In) is one of the main characters in the manhwa, Eleceed. He was Dr. Delein’s student, though after his arrest, he is placed under the custody of the Awakened Union and is a classmate of Jiwoo Seo. His main ability is Telekinesis.

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What does spatial isolation do in Eleceed?

Spacial Isolation is the ability to isolate oneself and others using their main ability. The purpose of this ability is to prevent unnecessary collateral damage and to keep the effects of battles to one’s immediate surroundings, thereby keeping regular civilians ignorant of the presence of the awakeners.

Who is the main character in Eleceed?

Jiwoo is a kind-hearted young man who harnesses the lightning-quick reflexes of a cat to secretly make the world a better place – one saved little child or foster pet at a time.

Can Jiwoo use Electrokinesis?

Jiwoo Seo (서지우 Seo Ji-u) is the protagonist of the manhwa, Eleceed. He is the only disciple of Kayden and the second person to have Electrokinesis, though his main ability is Super Speed.

Is Jiwoo in Eleceed strong?

As an awakened human, Jiwoo has above average strength, stamina, durability and fast healing. These abilities can be compared to those of Olympic level players. Jiwoo’s main ability is his super speed which he has greatly strengthened with the use of force control.

Does Kayden like Jiwoo?

Kayden treats Jiwoo as his disciple and is willing to teach him his force control, which shows just how much Kayden cares and likes him. It is also speculated that Kayden becomes jealous when he is not the targeted attention of Jiwoo.

Who is Jiwoo father?

Since her father Yoon Donghoon tried to protect her until the very end, Jiwoo was unable to see who killed him. Instead, she reached out to Choi Mujin, her father’s partner in the drug cartel, to help her track down the killer.

Who are the four in Eleceed?

Jisuk is ranked as one of the five most powerful awakened ones of his age group. The other four are Subin, Sucheon, Gangseok, and Wooin.

Is Kayden the strongest awakened one?

He is infamously known as one of the strongest awakened ones who remains unaffiliated with an organization.

How did Kayden get injured?

The 8th grader was in a coma after suffering a brain injury during a game. That’s when he lost his balance, fell over, and became unresponsive. “He just had a hard hit and powered through because that’s Kayden.4 days ago

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Table of Contents