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Who is the tallest hero in for honor?

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Who is the tallest hero in for honor? That makes him the tallest in the game.

The (Un)Official Height Chart (and other things)

TallestLawbringer, (Male)Raider, Warlord
Upper IntermediateCenturion, Valkyrie
Average(Male)Warden, (Male)Conqueror, (Male)Gladiator, (Male)Berserker, Highlander, (Male)Kensei, (Male)Orochi, (Male)Shinobi

What is Lawbringer based off of? Lawbringer. These heavily-armoured fighters might look like a knight, but in reality they have more in common with the medieval incarnation of English law enforcement.

What is a Tiandi? The Tiandi are loyal protectors of kings, queens, and emperors. Their name, which means “heaven and earth,” represents their lifelong dedication. They are masters of the Dao blade, the weapon of choice for this Royal Guard.

How heavy is Shugoki from for honor? Likewise his backbreaking execution is essentially an overhead press. Again a useful area of strength for strongman competitions. (As shugoki weighs probably 550+ pounds this is all the more impressive. )

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What is a Kyoshin?

The Kyoshin are legendary Samurai who have a deep connection to the spiritual realms. Their special training led them to master the art of fighting with a concealed blade, the Shikomizue. While they flow through battle wielding their sword and scabbard, they use heavenly powers to gain the upper hand against the enemy.

What is a Nobushi?

Nobushi were a secretive order of peasant warriors, very selective and well trained in their unique fighting style. The order of the Nobushi was founded to protect the peasants. They defended the people, as the Samurai defended their lords, even against the Samurai.

What does Aramusha mean?

Aramusha (荒武者) roughly means “Rough/Wild Warrior.” As warriors who have fallen from grace and have no more masters, they reference the Ronin (浪人; lit. “unrestrained man”; trans. “wanderer”), samurai who were without a lord or master.

How fast is Shugoki?

The one exception is Shugoki whose Sprint Speed (5.55 m/s) is essentially more than double his Free Roam Speed (2.45 m/s). All Heroes possess a walk animation known by the community as “the Slow Walk” in contrast to their free roam animation.

What kind of warrior is Shugoki?

The Shugoki is a samurai warrior with demon-like strength that can knock back several enemies with a swift swing of his kanabo. This hero is one of the easier classes to play with, so if you’re new to For Honor, then trying him as your first hero can help you ease into the art of battle.

How do you play Shugoki?

Is Shugoki a Samurai?

The new heroes are also discussed on the Ubisoft blog;the Shugoki is a heavy-hitting Samurai who boasts a bigger health pool than any other hero, a huge spiked club, and a badass scary mask with tusks.

What is the weakest character in for honor?

Peacekeeper. Peacekeeper is one of the weakest heroes mentioned in our For Honor Tier List. Although she is fast and can perform a variety of moves, she ends up becoming a burden on her team.

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Table of Contents
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