Who is the villain in another?

Who is the villain in another? Izumi Akazawa is a main antagonist in the anime/manga series Another. She is the head of countermeasures for class 3-3, who takes steps to prevent the Curse from killing students of her class by any means necessary. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to her attempting to kill the heroine Mei Misaki.

Who dies in another anime? Keiko Numata – Stabbed to death by Tatsuji Chibiki off-camera, body shown afterwards. Kenzou Kawahori – Crushed by a falling pillar. Matsui Aki – Stabbed in the throat with a knife thrown by Tomohiko Kazami. Tomohiko Kazami – Bludgeoned with a metal pole by Izumi Akazawa.

Who started the curse in another? 1972, Ritsuko Mikami’s Class.. He was the cause of the class curse; the first calamity leading to future deaths of the students, as well as their immediate family members, who are a part of 9th Grade Class 3.

Who all survived in Another?

  • Naoya Teshigawara.
  • Ikuo Takabayashi.
  • Yousuke Sakakibara.
  • Takeru Mizuno.
  • Shigeki Yonemura.
  • Noboru Saruta.
  • Kouichi Sakakibara.
  • Yuuya Mochizuki.

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What started the curse in Another?

His death shocked his classmates, who in their grief simply began to deny his death. While they had only the best of intentions, they inadvertently doomed a number of other students and their families to violent deaths, marking the beginning of the curse.

Is Izumi cursed Shikimori?

Izumi is cursed with unnatural bad luck, such that getting through an average day alive and healthy was always in question. This changed when he met Shikimori on his first day of high school and they started going out.

Who does Izumi end up with?

So, do Natsume and Izumi end up together at the end of Just Because!? Yes, yes they do. Watch all 12 episodes of Just Because!

Who is the MC of Horimiya?

Izumi Miyamura (宮村 伊澄, Miyamura Izumi?) is the main protagonists of the Horimiya series. He is a student in Class 3-1 of Katagiri Senior High School.

Who is the dead classmate in Another?

Mikami is revealed. Also, it is revealed that she is the dead one this year. Reiko was stabbed by an unknown assailant and thrown in the river in October of 1996.

How does Another anime end?

The anime ends with Naoya and Mochizuki putting a CD they recorded about how to stop the calamity into the cleaning supplies locker in their 3-3 classroom.

Who murdered Reiko in Another?

From all the forum searching I have done, the conclusion I reached is : Kazuma Akazawa(brother of Izumi Akazawa) who looks a bit like Kouichi was the killer of Reiko Mikami who was his homeroom teacher(class of 1996).

Who killed Ms Mikami in Another?

AffiliationArt Club President
Cause of DeathKilled by a pickaxe used by Kouichi Sakakibara
First appearance

Why did they ignore Mei Misaki?

Reiko Mikami. Due to Reiko being the class’s assistant homeroom teacher, she ignored Mei alongside the rest of the class, though because she kept her work and personal lives separate, she could acknowledge Mei outside of school, though the two only appeared together in this context in episode 8.

Does Izumi like Koichi?

It was hinted througout the later episodes that Izumi may have had a romantic interest in Kouichi. This was mostly due to the fact that she feels like she met him, at some point before the events of Class 3-3.

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