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Who is the villain in Hospital Playlist?

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Who is the villain in Hospital Playlist? Fans of the show will catch all the small references to season one (Song-hwa is definitely the “villain” of the entire hospital – if you know, you know).

Why did seok and Hyeong divorce? Saying it like it is. We finally find out why Seok Hyeong’s marriage failed! It was his mom. She admits to Rosa (Jeong Won’s mom) that she argued with her daughter-in-law, called her dozens of times a day, and accused her of stealing a diamond ring.

Who are the couple in Hospital Playlist? The 99z Couple. Dr. Lee Ik Joon (played by actor Jo Jung Suk) and Dr. Chae Song Hwa (played by actress Jeon Mi Do) have been friends forever. Since their very first interaction at the medical school admission interview, Dr.

Who does Seok Hyeong end up with? The three boys laugh it off at first, but she insists. They still don’t believe her but she remains very serious. Seok-Hyeong meets with Song-Hwa and tells her he is dating Min-Ha. She is surprised and happy that they are.

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Who does ik Jun end up with?

Finally, Jun-wan. He found his happy ending in Hospital Playlist season 2 with Ik-sun. The two were never over each other. Ik-jun also pushed the two together and invoked their hidden feelings for each other.

Will there be a season 3 of Hospital Playlist?

There are no specific plans for Season 3 right now,” Shin Won-Ho said via Soompi. Though a Season 3 for Hospital Playlist is still far from coming to life, fans can watch the 5 main cast – Jeon Mido, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seon, Kim Dae Myung and Jung Kyung Ho in their variety show Mountain Village Playlist for now.

What kind of doctor is IK Jun?

There’s Yulje’s most popular and charming Lee Ik-Jun (Jo Jung-Suk) who is a general surgeon; the sweet and sensitive pediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-Won (Yoo Yeon-Seok); Yang Seok-Hyeong( Kim Dae-Myung) who is a skilled yet seemingly aloof assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology; wry, sarcastic and empathetic …

Who is the best doctor in Hospital Playlist?


  • Dr. Ahn Jeong-won.
  • Dr. Chae Song-hwa.
  • Dr. Kim Jun-wan.
  • Dr. Lee Ik-jun.
  • Dr. Yang Seok-hyeong.
  • friendship goals.
  • hospital playlist.
  • Jeon Mi-do.

Who does Song-Hwa like?

Song-hwa was worried that she might lose the friendship if she were to say yes. Ik-jun’s accident in the previous episode of Hospital Playlist season 2 served as a harsh wake-up call for Song-hwa. She was worried that she would never be able to tell him that she had liked him all along too.

Does Ahn Jeong Won become a priest?

– Ahn Jeong-won forgoes his dream of becoming a priest:. Ahn Jeong-won, who was hellbent on becoming a priest, seemed to have realised that he was attracted to Jang Gyeo-ul.

What happens in season 2 of Hospital Playlist?

In its second season, the story of five friends and doctors continues. Together, they navigate the daily ups and downs of being doctors. They experience hardships, new loves, losses, and heartbreaks both within the hospital and in their personal lives.

Why did Junwan and Ik-sun break up?

Ik-Sun apologizes to Jun-Wan for lying and breaking up with him. She reveals there was never someone else but ended their relationship believing he was constantly worried about her and added to his stress. Unable to look him in the eyes, she says she still has feelings for him.

Who does do Hwa end up with?

Jokes aside, she decides that she is happy with Nam Joo, especially since Nam Joo needs her even more after his birth revelation. And in the “one year later” tag, the two are still happily together and even becoming more and more alike.

Did Ik-sun and Jun-Wan break up?

Kim Jun-wan’s happy ending:. Kim Jun-wan secretly battled a difficult breakup through the season. Fans were bound to celebrate when he reunited with his ‘dove’ Lee Ik-sun (Kwak Sun-young) in the last episode.

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