Who is the villain in Luca 2?

Who is the villain in Luca 2? Luca certainly has a villain in Ercole Visconti (Saverio Raimondo), the bane of Portorosso and all of its citizens.

Does Luca have cuss words? There is no profanity in Luca, but there are words like jerk, stupid, idiot, and pretend swear words like “santa mozzarella” and “mother of pearl” which are used for humor.

Can Nanami be saved Suikoden 2? Yes, it’s possible. However, in order to do so, you need to do the following: First, obtain all 108 Stars of Destiny before the battle of Rockaxe. Next, ensure that Nanami has at least 121 DEF rating.

Who is yuber Suikoden? Yuber is the Tenyu Star in Suikoden III. He had been present in many major wars through the history of the Northern Continent. His nature is unknown, but it appears that his objective is to spread chaos.

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How do I recruit Sierra Suikoden 2?

Speak with her several times in the Tavern at Muse City or the Inn at Banner Village. Meet her requests and flatter her. Leave the town and return after every request she makes. Eventually you will be able to recruit her.

How do you beat Beast Rune in Suikoden 2?

To defeat the Beast Rune, the player must take out the True Rune itself and the two heads, however, this is not as simple as just attacking them with high level spells and Unite Attacks. There are several silver lines throughout this boss.

Is Beast Runeword good?

Best Classes and Specs for the Beast Runeword. Beast is a Best in Slot (BiS) weapon for Frenzy Barb, built as a 2-handed weapon. It’s also a top pick for Summoner Druid and Summonmancer, since the Fanaticism aura does wonders for their summoned minions.

Can you defeat ROWD Suikoden 2?

Actually, you can’t. However, if you save before going into the Rowd battle and continue the game up to a point where you can get to Muse-Matilda gate, you can level there. After you’re done, just suicide your team and continue the game at where you last saved(Before the Rowd Battle).

Why did Konami stop Suikoden?

If you’re looking for a ‘real’ reason, than look no further than the fact that Suikoden is very much a niche game and despite the fact that Konami made 6 console games, Suikoden really didn’t attract that much of a following outside of Japan.

What happened to JOWY in Suikoden 2?

Jowy eventually becomes a general in Highland, marries Jillia Blight, and secretly plots against Luca with Leon Silverberg.

How strong is Luca Blight?

Role in the Game. So far, Luca’s stats are the most powerful of all bosses’ stats in the war tactics in that his attack is 18 and defense is 17. Luca is able to dispatch his opponents in one charge.

How much health does Neclord have?


Crystal Core1000070000
Shell Venus15000100000
Sonya Shulen60001500
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