Who is the youngest Fire Emblem character?

Who is the youngest Fire Emblem character? Who is the youngest confirmed playable character in the series. So far it seems to me it’s Rolf who was 12 while playable in Path of Radiance but who truly is the child solider amongst child soldiers. So the current youngest is Kliff who during the SoV prologue was 8 years old.

How old is Marth? He is depicted as a heroic prince, sixteen years of age who is forced to flee his home kingdom of Altea after it is attacked.

Who is better Harken or Karel? Harken is probably better because he comes with a B in Axes and there are enough swords to go around. I assume you’re playing Hard Mode and that strength and defense are pretty beastly. Karel is cooler though. Still Harken, but you can do without him.

Who can recruit Nino? During the battle, Nino can be recruited by Eliwood, Hector, and their companions, and, if she talks to Jaffar before the battle ends, they can recruit him as well.

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Who is Nino’s brother Fire Emblem?

Profile. Nino’s family, comprising of her father Juge, her mother Iris, and her younger brother Kai, were powerful mages, and Nino had the potential to be one herself.

How do I get Karla fe7?

In order to recruit her, three conditions have to be met: playing in Hector mode (whether Normal or Hard), having Bartre promoted to a level 5 Warrior before Chapter 31(x) starts, and including Bartre among the units taken into the stage itself.

Who is Rebecca’s brother Fire Emblem?

In the epilogue, she still doesn’t know that Dart was her long lost brother five years ago considering the support conversations between Dart and Wil.

How do you get pent in Fire Emblem 7?

Pent is first seen in chapter 22(Eliwood) or chapter 23 (Hector) fighting bandits in the desert and in need of rescue but is not a playable character until chapter 24 (Eliwood), chapter 26 (Hector.)

Who is WOLT’s father?

If his father is Lowen, Wolt is said to have inherited his father’s chivalrous spirit, in addition to his mother’s smile and marksmanship. However, if he is the son of Sain, Wolt is noted to be nothing like his father in terms of his personality.

How do I recruit Jaffar?

Jaffar is automatically recruited in chapter 26x Eliwood’s saga, and chapter 28x Hector’s if you talk to him with Nino the chapter before. He starts off being cold and uncaring but with Nino’s kindness he begins to waver from being a heartless Assassin.

Who is Karla’s brother Fire Emblem?

Karla dedicated herself to the sword so she could find her brother, Karel, the fearsome Sword Demon. She thought that by proving herself as a swordmaster, she might one day find a lead on her missing brother’s whereabouts.

Who can talk to Marissa in Fire Emblem?

You can use Tana or Vanessa, whoever is at a higher level. Have your Pegasus Knight go south for three turns towards the fort. She should be able to meet up with Innes on the fourth turn.

Who talks to Erk?

Erk is the first mage you can recruit in the game and is seen as a non playable character alongside Serra. He is first seen in chapter 4 and is recruited by talking to Serra with Lyn.

Is Dorcas or Bartre better?

Right off the bat, Bartre just has better base stats and growths by quite a lot, so what could possibly be redeeming Dorcas? There are two main answers. The first, is that he comes with a energy ring in Eliwood’s story. And more importantly, is point 2: Dorcas can be used in Lyn’s story as well as Eliwood’s story.

Who can recruit Geitz?

He shows up as an enemy and is only recruit able if Dart talks to him because they have known each other in the past and Dart gave him an act of kindness which convinces Geitz to join your army.

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