Who is yoosung’s voice actor?

Who is yoosung’s voice actor? Shim Gyuhyuk is the Korean voice actor, who voices the character Yoosung in the otome game “Mystic Messenger”.

Who is unknown Mystic Messenger? Unknown (real name Saeran Choi), is one of the main antagonists of the Mystic Messenger. He is the identical twin brother of 707 and a believer of the organization and cult Mint Eye. During visual novel sequences, prior to the revelation of his identity, his name is displayed as three question marks (???).

Who voiced 707? Young Sun Kim is the voice talent behind 707! He has voiced several roles from Harry Potter to Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible and is the voice of Elijah Wood in Korea.

Who is the spy in voice Kdrama? Speaking of Dae Shik, Baek Sung Hyun really shone in the last three episodes, in which he was revealed to be the mole, and when he tried to make it up to Jin Hyuk by going after Mo Tae Gu (Kim Jae Wook), the main antagonist.

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Is Yoosung Rikas cousin?

Yoosung. Rika is Yoosung’s cousin through adoption. While the two did not meet until later on, Yoosung feels that they became close.

Who voices ray in Mystic Messenger?

The panel consisted of Sujin Ri, the developer of the game, as well as the voice of Ray, Soojin Kang, the voice of 707, Young Sun Kim, the voice of V, Ho San Yi, and the voice of Yoosung, Kyuhyuck Shim!

Who Voices happy in the 7D?

Kevin Michael Richardson is the voice of Happy in The 7D, and Naomi Kusumi, Shinichi Ishihara are the Japanese voices.

How old is Jaehee Kang?

JAEHEEI don’t know if I’m working under a boss or a stubborn child.
Blood typeO
BirthdayDecember 28th

What time can I call Yoosung?

Call him as soon as you finish reading the last chat of day 1, but before you read the first chat of day 2. This means you need to call Yoosung sometimes after reading the 3rd chat of that day and BEFORE you start reading 4th chat of that day.

What is Sevens real name Mystic Messenger?

707, or his baptismal name Luciel Choi (최 루시엘, Choi Lusiel) is a 22-year-old hacker and intelligence agent, he is also the one who made the RFA Messenger app. 707, also referred to as Seven, has short curly red hair, amber eyes and is a self-proclaimed devoted Catholic who loves to eat junk food (especially Ph.

Why did Rika found Mint Eye?

Mint Eye was established by Rika out of her radical ideas to eliminate fear and pain from the world, and the goal of the organization is to reach a state of happiness in an “everlasting party.” Magenta was the name of the castle that was the organization’s headquarters.

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