Who is Yuliys brother?

Who is Yuliys brother? Mikhail (ミハイル, Mihairu), his complete name being Mikhail Jirov (ミハイル ・ジロフ , Mihairu Jirofu), is a character in Sirius the Jaeger. He is the eldest son of Sachi and Alexei, and the older brother of Yuliy.

Is Yuliy the last Sirius? The Sirius were driven to almost extinction with the only remaining members living in a hidden village Dogville. After the village was raided by vampires, Yuliy remained as the only living member of their civilization.

How old is Yuliy? Yuliy (Voiced by: Yuuto Uemura). A 17-year-old half-werewolf, Yuliy harbors a longstanding grudge against vampires, who were responsible for the destruction of his home village, becoming a Jaeger in order to hunt them down.

What happens at the end of Sirius the Jaeger? Returning to Yevgraf’s plane, Mikhail gives Yuliy the Ark and tells him to live with it, before dying. Yuliy promises he will show the world their new pride and hugs him.

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Who dies in Sirius the Jaeger?

A female Vampire who has been drinking the blood of young men for 140 years to stay young. She has dark hair cut into a bob and grey eyes that glow red. Larissa and Tamara are ruthless twin vampires. Larissa dies after Bishop catches up to her, as she’s escaping, and shoots her.

Does Yuliy get the Ark?

Yuliy obtains the Ark and Yevgraf commands Mikhail to got it and kill Yuliy. On their way out, Yuliy and Bishop meet Ryouko and Iba, and Yuliy shows them he had obtained the Ark.

Who has the Ark in Sirius the Jaeger?

The story of Alexei’s past was revealed in episode 10 where Alexei met Akasaka. The history of the Sirius origin was briefly explain by the Gustav, one of the Sirius elders to Alexei. The responsibility and secrets of the Ark of Sirius were passed down to Alexei.

Is Bishop a royal?

Abilities. Vampire Physiology: Bishop is a vampire and has all the standard abilities of one. Royal Blood: Bishop is of royal blood and has the magical ability to fly.

Who voices Philip in Sirius the Jaeger?

Erik Kimerer is the English dub voice of Philip in Sirius the Jaeger, and Yusuke Kobayashi is the Japanese voice.

Is Yuliy a werewolf?

Yuriychka “Yuliy” Jirov (ユーリィゲロフ, Yūri Gerofu), with his full name being Yuliy Jirov (ユーリィ・ジロフ, Yūryi Jirofu), is the main protagonist of Sirius the Jaeger. He is half werewolf, with exceptional physical ability. He has sworn to take revenge on vampires who destroyed his homeland and became “Jaeger” ever since.

Who voices Mikhail in Sirius the Jaeger?

Billy Kametz is the English dub voice of Mikhail in Sirius the Jaeger, and Takahiro Sakurai is the Japanese voice.

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