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Who killed NEKU Twewy?

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Who killed NEKU Twewy? Unfortunately, Neku gets caught up in a gunfight between Joshua and Sho Minamimoto. After fending Minamimoto off, Joshua kills Neku with a gun, entering him in the Reapers’ Game, giving him an additional Player Pin.

Who is Joshua in Dream Drop Distance? Yoshiya “Joshua” Kiryu is a character from The World Ends with You who makes his Kingdom Hearts debut in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

How many days is Twewy? In total, there are 22 Days in The World Ends With You and Solo Remix. Final Remix’s exclusive, A New Day, spans three parts, each split into a separate in-game day.

Who is the fallen angel Twewy? Sanae Hanekoma, the current Producer of Shibuya, is the only known Fallen Angel. His crime was revealing the secrets of Taboo Noise refinery to the Game Master, Sho Minamimoto.

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What is Mr H in Twewy?

Sanae Hanekoma (also known as Mr. H) is the self-described “hip café barista” of WildKat and is also the successful, multi-talented artist CAT. He is a valuable ally to Neku and his friends, acting like a guardian of the Players, and is always making sure that the game is fair and everyone follows the rules.

Is Joshua a reaper?

After this interaction occurs, Hanekoma retrieves him and returns him to his own Shibuya. Near the end, Joshua is revealed to be the Composer, the leader of the Reapers. It’s revealed he was in a bet with Megumi Kitaniji, the Conductor, over whether or not Shibuya was to be destroyed.

Who is the leader of the Ruinbringers?

The Ruinbringers are the top team leading in the Reapers’ Game, and are also the strongest, having powerful psych users in their roster. Their main advantage, though, is that they are in fact members of the Shinjuku Reapers and their leader is the Game Master, Shiba Miyakaze.

How did Tsugumi get Mr Mew?

NEO: The World Ends with You. According to the Secret Reports, Tsugumi’s Mr. Mew is actually the original, having been brought to Shinjuku by a Shibuya Reaper, which was revealed in a developer interview to be Coco Atarashi.

Is Joshua a God Twewy?

While the Composer is never clearly stated to be a god, Joshua’s bright white true form, his ability to make up and bend the rules of the Reapers’ Game, and his judging the Player’s worthiness to return to life suggest godly qualities.

How old is sho Minamimoto?

Personality. At 18, Sho Minamimoto is the youngest Game Master of the Reapers in Shibuya and the second Game Master Neku battles. It is revealed that he excels in all areas of leadership except one: cooperation with others.

How do you unlock secret reports in neo Twewy?

How to get all Secret Reports in NEO TWEWY. As mentioned above, the key is going back and fighting blue noise in past chapters. You’ll also need to complete your Social Network, which requires playing the dive during Another Day in Dogenzaka. That gives you 15 Friendship Points and is required for unlocking every node.

Where does The World Ends with You take place?

Setting. The game takes place in a fictional version of the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. While everyday life goes on in the Realground (RG), the chosen dead are brought to an alternate plane of existence called the Underground (UG). The UG is also the venue for the Reapers’ Game.

Is Joshua in neo Twewy?

He is Neku Sakuraba’s second partner in the Reapers’ Game during its second week. Joshua also has a small role in NEO: The World Ends with You.

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