Who killed Wei Wuxian?

Who killed Wei Wuxian? then for the rest of the drama it was just assumed that jiang cheng killed wei wuxian. however according to the original source, the novel, the cause of his death was his corpse army backfiring and they ended up tearing him apart at the burial mounds seige (which jiang cheng led).

Is Wang Ling stronger than Sun Wukong? Wang Ling is stronger than Sun Wukong with his extremely high levels of power. That is also why he is called the King in Lurking.

Who killed the Wen clan? Nie Mingjue decapitates Wen Xu and orders his corpse cut into pieces to frighten the Qishan Wen Clan’s troops. Later, when Nie Mingjue is brought before Wen Ruohan, Wen Ruohan specifically refers to him as “the one who killed Wen Xu,” implying he wishes to avenge his son’s death.

What happened to Wen Qing in untamed? Wen Qing is burned alive to prevent her body from being turned into a fierce corpse, and her ashes are scattered at Nightless City.

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Who was the Wen guy?

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Who is Wen Qionglin?

Wen Ning (温宁, Wēn Níng), courtesy name Wen Qionglin (温琼林, Wēn Qiónglín), is a member of the Qishan Wen Clan and the younger brother of Wen Qing while alive. In death, Wen Ning becomes the first Fierce Corpse to regain his consciousness and is known as the Ghost General (鬼将军, Guǐ Jiāngjūn), Wei Wuxian’s right-hand man.

Who is Jiang Cheng in love with?

The Web Series adds a romantic subplot wherein Jiang Cheng falls for Wen Qing at the Cloud Recesses, and even proposes to her at the start of the Sunshot Campaign to save her.

Who is Wen Yuan?

Born Wen Yuan (温苑, Wēn Yuàn), Lan Sizhui is the last remaining blood descendant of the now-extinct Qishan Wen Clan. As a child, Wen Yuan and the rest of the Qishan Wen Clan remnants were sheltered by Wei Wuxian at the Burial Mounds, until the First Siege resulted in his family’s massacre and Wei Wuxian’s death.

What happened to the Wen clan?

However, under Wen Ruohan, the Qishan Wen Clan becomes tyrannical, committing atrocities such as the burning of the Cloud Recesses and massacre of Lotus Pier. This prompts the four other great clans to unite in the Sunshot Campaign to overthrow the Qishan Wen Clan.

Who is Wen Ning’s sister?

Wen Qing (温情, Wēn Qíng) is the leader of a small subdivision of the Qishan Wen Clan and the older sister of Wen Ning.

What does MDZS stand for?

Mo Dao Zu Shi
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