Who killed Zarkon?

Who killed Zarkon? Zarkon eventually gets killed by his son, prince Lotor. The character was made a more sophisticated character than his 1984 counterpart.

Did Zarkon love his wife? Moreover, Zarkon loved his wife, Honerva more than anything else. So much so that he was willing to betray his allies and dear friends for her well being. After the original Paladin’s expedition into the Rift, Zarkon was thought to have died.

How strong is Voltron? Considered the strongest weapon in the universe. Easily destroys Galra ships. Sent a Robeast flying back with one punch. Destroyed Myzax with a single sword slash.

How tall are the Voltron lions? Voltron is typically 60 meters high, and weighs 700 tons. Each lion, when standing, is 25 meters high.

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How old are the Paladins of Voltron in season 8?

The Paladins Ages. Well now we know Shiro is 25, Keith is 18, Lance is 17, Hunk is 17, and Pidge is 15. Allura is only described as being a teenager.

Who married Lance Voltron?

Princess Allura

Princess Allura
OccupationBlue Paladin (formerly) Princess of Altea (formerly) Queen of Arus (Voltron Force) Pilot of the Castleship (formerly)
FamilyKing Alfor (father) Queen Melenor (mother)
SpousePrince Lotor (Voltron Force)
Significant othersLance (Legendary Defender) Prince Lotor (formerly, Legendary Defender)

Why is Voltron so powerful?

In addition of basic weaponry in form of hand-mounted lasers and shield, Voltron possesses a bayard system which enable it to materialize much more powerful weapons.

Is there a white lion in Voltron?

The White Lion (who was known as the Guardian) was the mysterious guardian spirit of the mystical realm of Oriande. It stands watch over the entrance – suitably located within a white hole – ready to attack anybody who dares to approach, except for those with ‘The Mark of the Chosen’.

Why did the Blue Lion choose Lance?

The reason was never revealed in-series, but the creators have said it’s because the Blue Lion is a mothering figure who sees potential that can be nurtured and fostered. Lance didn’t actually believe he was important to the team, so the Lion confirmed it by choosing him first.

What does IGF Atlas mean?

Inter-Galactic Federation (IGF). Atlas is the name of the ship, belonging to the IGF, therefore being called the IGF Atlas.

How was Voltron created?

Voltron is the giant robot formed by the combination of all five Voltron Lions. It was created by King Alfor from the Quintessence-infused ore of a Trans-Reality Comet.

How tall is the Atlas Voltron?

The only threat to the empire is the legendary “Defender of the Universe” Voltron, a 328-foot tall robot warrior composed of five lion robots whose pilots are known as Paladins.

Why does Zarkon want the Black Lion?

Unlike Shiro, Zarkon believed that the bond with the Black Lion is based entirely upon one’s power and will to dominate instead of a mutual trust between Paladin and Lion.

What happened to the castle of lions?

It was destroyed during the battle with Lotor and his Sincline Mech. But a few years later, the Castle of Lions was rebuild by Coran and the new Alteans; sometime after Allura and Honerva sacrificed their lives; in order to save reality itself.

Is Keith A Galra?

This season also adresses some of the most pressing questions that have been raised in Voltron thus far, beginning with Keith. After he was revealed to be half Galra in season two, Keith joined the Blade of Marmora, a society of Galra who work against the Empire, and eventually left Voltron.

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