Who Kim Jojo end up with?

Who Kim Jojo end up with? Who does Jojo end up with in Love Alarm season 2? If you were rooting for Jojo to end up with Sun-Oh in Love Alarm season 2, we have bad news. While Sun-Oh is certainly a handsome guy with positive attributes, Jojo realizes that Hye-Yeong is ultimately the one for her.

Is there a book for Love Alarm? “Love alarm” is based on a popular Korean webtoon published by Daumwebtoon. The same title of Netflix original series premiered on August 22nd, 2019.

Is Love Alarm available in webtoon? “Love alarm” based on a popular Korean webtoon published by Daumwebtoon will launch on August 2019 as a Netflix original series.

Is the Love Alarm webtoon finished? The webtoon hasn’t ended and the last update reportedly made by the writer months ago did see Jojo make a choice. Now, there are some fans who want Jojo to choose Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) who she broke up with when they were in high school.

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How does Love Alarm end?

In the end, Sun-Oh realizes that he does have feelings for Yuk-Jo and that he wants to be with her. When Yuk-Jo arrives home from a trip, she’s surprised to see her CCTV footage log and bursts into tears because Sun-Oh went to her apartment to ring the doorbell every day just to check if she was around.

Will there be a season 3 of Love Alarm?

Love Alarm made history as the first Korean drama series picked up by Netflix, although ‘Kingdom’ managed to release ahead of the romantic drama series. Fans were very happy when Love Alarm was renewed for season 2, which was released on the platform in March. We can expect it to be resolved in Love Alarm Season 3.

Why does Jojo end up with Sun?

Contrary to popular belief, Jojo doesn’t end up with Sun-oh. The two seemed to still have lingering feelings for each other even after years apart as shown in the app. But that wasn’t enough for Jojo to leave Hye-young behind.

What is the most popular webtoon in Korea?

15 Best Korean Webtoons To Add To Your Reading List

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  • Omniscient Reader.

Who is the main lead in Love Alarm webtoon?

Hong Joo, played by Kim So Hyun, is a person who has become skeptical about love after breaking up with her first love, Jun Ho. She reunites after 10 years, and tells the story of an accidental reunion of Hoo Young and her ex-boyfriend Jun Ho, her first love.

Who does Jojo end up with in Love alarm Season 3?

What Is The Plot Of ‘Love Alarm’ Season 3? ‘Love Alarm’ season 2 ended beautifully. Jojo and Hye Young finally became a couple after each of their Love Alarms rung for each other.

Which is the best high school romance Kdrama?

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Does Kim Jojo remove the shield?

Meanwhile, Brian Chon learns that Kim Jojo managed to remove the shield from Love Alarm. Season 2 gives plenty to the audience, ensuring that the wait for a continuation was not wasted.

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