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Who knows Ren Ashbell?

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Who knows Ren Ashbell? In the anime only Greyworth, Fianna and Velsaria know that he is Ren Ashbell (also, Velsaria didn’t die after her fight with Kamito.

Who is Kamito in love with? Restia is the most important to Kamito she is the one that gave him a heart. Both Kamito and Restia highest amount of love. He specifically went to the academy in the first place to get her back.

Why does Kamito wear a glove? In the present time, he has shorter hair and often wears a black leather glove over his left hand to disguise Restia’s spirit seal.

Does Kamito ever get restia back? During the major incident with a flame spirit which destroyed the Instructional School, he managed to escape with Restia. Thus, she was reunited with him again and shortly after, with the help of Greyworth Ciel Mais he broke her seal. She later accompany Kamito through the previous Blade Dance as his contracted spirit.

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Does Kamito win the blade dance?

Three years before, Kamito participated in the Blade Dance in drag under the name Ren Ashbell and won the title of the Strongest Blade Dancer.

Does Kamito become the Demon Lord?

After becoming the true Demon King, Kamito doesn’t lose control over himself anymore and has full access to the Elemental Lord’s powers.

What is the blade dance?

sword dance, folk dance performed with swords or swordlike objects, displaying themes such as human and animal sacrifice for fertility, battle mime, and defense against evil spirits.

Who is Kim Dokja’s love interest?

While outwardly rude and insulting to each other, Kim Dokja considers Yoo Joonghyuk to be the coolest person he knows and looks up to him greatly. At the start of the novel, they started off in a rocky relationship due to Dokja being an anomaly in Joonghyuks 3rd regression.

Is Blade Dance a harem?

The show is a very standard harem, somewhat in the vein of Infinite Stratos, where the main character is the only male elementaler in a school for female elementalers. Predictably, he quickly runs into a cast of about 5 girls who all have affections for him.

Does Dokja become demon king?

Novel appearances. Kim Dokja became a Demon King, after a strong demonic energy polluted his constellation, thus corrupting him. Once corrupted, constellations will be categorised as “Evil”.

What is Blade Dance Lor?

Blade Dance is a keyword in. Legends of Runeterra. Edit. Start a free attack with a specified number of attacking summoned. 1 Blades.

Will there be a s2 of Blade Dance of Elementalers?

The second season of the “Blade Dance” anime will be released on 2022-23. It was streamed on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

Who is Ren Ashdoll?

Ren Ashdoll is the Darkness Elemental Lord that is been buried in forgetting dream of Human Realm. She is also the one who gave the “will” about fighting the 5 Elemental Lords that have been corrupted by otherworldly darkness.

How does Blade Dance of Elementalers end?

Ren Ashdoll + Alexandros disappears. The rest of the Elemental Lords are no longer seen as lord of the world. Blade Dance still continues. Est finally takes off her socks for Kamito but gets interrupted by a not-amused Restia.

Who is the successor of the Demon Lord in Blade Dance?

Kazehaya Kamito seems to be the successor of the «Demon King» because he is the second known male elementalist in history.

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Table of Contents