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Who made Nana and Paradise Kiss?

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Who made Nana and Paradise Kiss? Ai Yazawa

Ai Yazawa
OccupationManga artist
EducationOsaka Mode Gakuen
Years active1985–present
Notable worksTenshi Nanka Ja Nai, Neighborhood Story, Paradise Kiss, Nana

What is NANA’s style called? Nana Osaki’s style is quintessentially punk with twists of ’80s glamour and ’90s grunge (her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood, after all!).

Who does Nana end up with in Nana? Because of her pregnancy, she marries Takumi (initially in name only, for Takumi delayed their wedding because of Osaki’s engagement to Ren). Throughout the series, her married name has became Nana Ichinose and as the time passes, she realizes that she loves Takumi.

What should I watch after Nana? Other good anime recommendations for fans of Nana are Peach Girl, We Were There, and Paradise Kiss, a series with the same producer that has similar elements of drama and suspense.

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What genre is Nana anime?

Drama Musical Romance. Nana (manga)

Cover of the first tankōbon volume, featuring Nana Osaki
GenreDrama Musical Romance
Written byAi Yazawa

Does Nana have mental illness?

Each character has their faults. Nana Osaki, for instance, moved to Tokyo to make it big as a punk rock vocalist. However since she has been on her own and taken care of herself at a young age, she is an introvert and struggles with mental illness as well as actually letting anyone close to her.

Why was Nana Cancelled?

The hiatus was prompted by an unnamed illness, after all, so Yazawa’s health became paramount. After being released from the hospital in 2010, the artist admitted they may never be able to work as a mangaka again, and that is still the case even after all this time.

Why is Vivienne Westwood so popular?

Westwood has carried her rebellious spirit into her collections throughout her career, often combining punk symbolism with traditional feminine themes, and she’s now considered one of the greatest architects of British style.

What is Nana inspired by?

Nana Osaki is most definitely inspired by grunge, but she remains feminine. Nana inspired outfits have been a huge hit ever since Ai Yazawa illustrated the Nana manga, and introduced us all to the outrageously creative characters in 2000.

What illness does NANA have?

The big elephant in the room when it comes to Nana is the jinn that “entered Nana’s body,” which can be more accurately defined as an epileptic condition (1.2. 15).

What designer does NANA wear?

In NANA, Vivienne Westwood is referenced in almost every episode. You can see almost all of the characters wearing something by the designer, even if it is as small as a pair of earrings.

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