Who made Popee the performer?

Who made Popee the performer? Ryuji Masuda (増田 龍治, Masuda Ryūji) (born 1968 in Kumamoto city, Japan) is a Japanese CGI animation director. Some of his prominent works include Mr. Stain, Popee the Performer and Funny Pets.

Is Papi Popees dad? Papi (パピィ) is the senior clown and leader of Wolf Circus, a travelling performer and the Father of Popee and Marifa. His age is unknown.

How old is Papi Popee? Popee is the titular 17-year-old and the main protagonist in Popee the Performer. Popee is a psychopathic, violent, and easily angered clown trying to master various acts and magic tricks.

What gender is Popee the Performer? Gender. Where it has been confirmed in the past that Popee is male, a recent thread from Wakako Masuda suggests that, while Popee was said to be a boy, his gender is more complex than “male or female”. He does not want to commit to a label of “male” or “female”, and instead just wants to do what he wants.

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What is behind Kedamono’s mask?

In wearing the mask, Kedamono is intentionally disguising himself as a human, and disguising the fact that he is a wolf.

How did Popee the Performer end?

The camera zooms out with Kedamono still on the ground, and the rest of the Zirkus fading out until only Popee is left. Finally, Popee drops to his knees on the ground next to Kedamono. And the episode ends.

Is Popee the Performer a kids show?

Popee the Performer is a 2001 children’s anime and directorial debut of Ryuji Masuda, who would later go on to create Mr. Stain on Junk Alley and Funny Pets.

Why is Popee the Performer a kid show?

Despite Popee’s shocking and violent content, this show was originally intended for kids. Ryuji has stated that he had no idea the series was meant for children when he created it and figured the TV station would have kept it from airing if they believed it was unsuitable for young audiences.

Is Popee the Performer violent?

Some hits and wounds especially in the character of Popee are too excessive to the point of letting see that the character is bleeding sometimes with excessive amounts of blood over the body, although this was done as a comical tone in Japan. Most of the violence is comedic in nature and unrealistic.

How old is marifa?

She is 13 years old, and appears to be a performer like the rest of her family. She is a trickster, and “probably” a girl.

Is Kedamono a wolf?

Kedamono is a purple-furred, anthropomorphic wolf that wears orange boxers with a yellow star pattern on top and an ever-changing Noh mask that matches his current expression (as in, whenever his real expression changes, the mask falls off to reveal another one that reflects that.)

What is the frog’s name in Popee the performer?

Last Appearance. Frog (カエル, Kaeru) is a character that appears occasionally and also happens to be a constant victim of Popee’s torment and Kedamono’s accidental torture.

Does Popee the Performer have Gore?

Episodes feature characters being impaled, electrocuted, stabbed, cut in half, set on fire, exploding, etc. Despite the content, the death and violence featured in the show is not especially graphic, meaning they’re typically without gore or excessive blood.

Is Eepop a girl?

Ryuji Masuda, creator of Popee the Performer, has stated in a tweet (using Google Translate) that Mirror counterparts may be female. While this is a highly debated point in the community, we now know that Eepop is the same gender as Popee—a gender only the two of them know.

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