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Who married Dr. Tenma?

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Who married Dr. Tenma? Through this partnership, the young doctor soon was introduced to and became engaged to the director’s daughter, Eva Heinemann; an arrangement promising a bright and lucrative future ahead of him. One day, Tenma was ordered to operate on an opera singer and performed the surgery just as he was told.

Does Kirino love Brother? Later on, it has been confirmed in the light novel series that she is in love with her brother Kyousuke; this is shown by Kirino’s increasingly jealous attitude towards any girls who become too close to her brother.

Who is married in Inazuma Eleven? In Inazuma Eleven GO, it is revealed that Natsumi and Endou are married. In episode 18, after an exhausting training session, Endou invites young Tenma to his house for dinner. He quickly calls his wife beforehand and asks if she can add another place on the table.

Who is wife of Tenma? Eva Heinemann (エヴァ・ハイネマン, Evua Haineman) is the daughter of Udo Heinemann (the Director at Eisler Memorial Hospital) and the fiancée of Kenzo Tenma.

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Is Saru and Tenma related?

During the last match of the Ragnarok, Raimon vs The Lagoon, Saru tells Tenma something he really shouldn’t have. Now the two of them have to deal with the trouble left by their parents – yep, THEIR parents. The big secret? Tenma and Saru are twins.

Who loves Tenma?

Tenma eventually appreciates his feelings, but is still truly in love with Karasuma. Tenma switched places with Iori (Yakumo’s cat) in one episode, and when Iori in Tenma’s body pounces on Harima, he instantly thinks she’s fallen in love with him.

Does Nina love Dr. Tenma?

Throughout the series, she grew very fond of Tenma, as he was the one who assisted her on their journey and saved her from killing herself after she remembered her experiences at the Red Rose Mansion.

Is Kirino Inazuma a girl?

He is a feminine boy who is said to often get mistaken for a girl due to his girlish appearance and graceful movements. He was the fifth member of Raimon to participate in the revolution.

Is Fei Rune a girl?

Fei Rune (フェイルーン) is a Main Protagonist in the Chrono Stone. He is a forward and midfielder for Tenmas, Raimon, Entaku no Kishi, El Dorado Team 01, Garu and Chrono Storm.

Fei Rune
GenderMale ♂️
PositionForward Midfielder
Number11 (Raimon, El Dorado Team 01) 9 (Garu) 7 (Inazuma Battle Eleven)

Is Matsukaze Tenma a second stage child?

It was stated by Gouenji Shuuya that Matsukaze Tenma is one of the Second Stage Children, although he never shows any SSC abilities/powers.

Is Fubuki a traitor?

So, as many of you know, in today’s episode, Shirou Fubuki was revealed to be Japan’s traitor. To be honest, I’ve seen it coming. They’ve made it obvious. I was not surprised, but I got really sad, upset, confused and I kind of FORGOT TO BREATHE while watching the scene he leaves.

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