Who married Elektra?

Who married Elektra? Electra then married Orestes’ friend Pylades. The plays of the same name written by Sophocles and Euripides and the Choephoroi by Aeschylus vary the theme in detail.

Who is Electra forced to marry? in verse S: Before a peasant’s cottage near Mycenae, some years after the Trojan War C: 7m, 2f, chorus (f)In a prologue the Peasant reveals that Agamemnon’s daughter Electra has been forced into marriage with him but that he respects her and has never come to her bed.

How does Spike know Vicious? Years before the beginning of the series, Spike is a rising member of the Red Dragon crime syndicate. While there, he becomes a partner and friend of Vicious, another member of the Syndicate. After being wounded in a gun battle, Spike is nursed back to health by Vicious’ girlfriend Julia, and the two fall in love.

Did Elektra get resurrected? 181 (April 1982) Elektra is mortally wounded by the assassin Bullseye, a rival within the Kingpin’s organization. She crawls to Murdock’s home and dies in his arms. Elektra was soon resurrected, however, returning to life as a result of a mystical ceremony in Daredevil no. 190 (January 1983).

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How did Spike survive the fall?

The sequence reveals Spike’s desperate if repressed longing for Julia, the woman he loved and lost. Spike survives the fall with the help of his fellow travelers who have brought him back to the Bebop and treated his wounds.

What happened to Elektra in Season 3?

The final episode of The Defenders saw a building collapse on top of the Defenders and Elektra, with Daredevil and Elektra expecting to die together. Daredevil survived the destruction and looked for Elektra after, but her body was never found.

How does Elektra end?

Elektra desperately tries to wake Abby, then calms herself, lets go all of her rage, and successfully resurrects her using Kimagure. Elektra gets ready to leave. She and Mark share one final kiss. Elektra tells Abby to live a normal life and that they each gave each other’s life back.

Who is Elektra in love with?

She is a love interest of the superhero Matt Murdock / Daredevil, but her violent nature and mercenary lifestyle divide the two, before she ultimately becomes the second Daredevil in 2020.

Do Elektra and Matt sleep together?

Elektra comforts him as best as she can and eventually the two sparr together. After flirting for a little while, the two have sex. Later on, Elektra brings Matt to one of her father’s co-worker’s houses, and the two break in.

Does Elektra get brought back to life?

The Resurrection of Elektra was a ceremony performed by the Hand under the orders of Alexandra Reid to return Elektra back to life as the Black Sky, following her death at the hands of Nobu Yoshioka.

Which Cowboy Bebop episode is the best?

1. “Ballad of Fallen Angels” Cowboy Bebop’s silence always speaks volumes, but “Ballad of Fallen Angels” echoes with immense impact. For a show that serializes itself and does not return to many of its characters, it was more than obvious that Spike’s old enemy Vicious was bound to make a comeback in the future.

Is Elektra a villain or hero?

Elektra Natchios is a true antihero: she’s dangerous and deadly with a dark past, and she’s a woman motivated more by revenge than by righteousness. Elektra has been a presence in Marvel comics since the ’80s and she lurks in a gray area between hero and villain, which has resulted in a lot of rich stories.

Who did Electra marry?

The two met when Orestes and Pylades were brought to Iphigenia to be prepared for sacrifice to Artemis. Iphigeneia, Orestes, and Pylades escaped from Tauris. The Furies, appeased by the reunion of the family, abated their persecution. Electra then married Pylades.

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