Who played dusty on The Young and the Restless?

Who played dusty on The Young and the Restless? Brian Bloom

Dusty Donovan
As the World Turns character
Portrayed byBrian Bloom (1983–88) Grayson McCouch (2003–10)
Duration1983–88 2003–10
First appearance1983

What was Scott Bloom in? Bloom began his career with roles in “The Stuff” (1985), “Exile” (NBC, 1989-1990) and “The Keys” (NBC, 1991-92). Later, he acted in “Bandit: Bandit’s Silver Angel” (1993-94), “Unhappily Ever After” (Warner Bros. Television Network, 1994-99) and “Premium Blend” (Comedy Central, 1997-2006).

Where does Brian Bloom live now? Actor and writer Brian Bloom has bought a house in the Encino area for about $1.2 million. The gated, Zen-inspired property is on a knoll with grounds developed over a 30-year period that feature mature trees, a waterfall, a fountain, a deck and black-bottom pool.

What soap opera was Brian Bloom on? Before writing several of the highest-selling video games of all time, Brian Bloom cut his teeth as an actor on the soap opera As the World Turns.

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Has Brian Blessed climbed Everest?

Blessed has attempted to climb Mount Everest three times without supplemental oxygen, reaching heights of 28,200 feet (8,600 m) in 1993 and 25,200 feet (7,700 m) in 1996, but without reaching the summit.

Who voices varric Tethras?

A new video from BioWare takes viewers behind-the-scenes with two of the game’s voice actors — Brian Bloom and Claudia Black — who voice the characters Varric and Morrigan, respectively.

Who played Nikki Newman’s sister?

The Young and the Restless / Nikki’s sister, Casey (Roberta Leighton) and Snapper Foster (David Hasselhoff). Young and the restless, 1 decade, Young.

Who voices BJ blazkowicz?

Brian Bloom

B.J. Blazkowicz
Designed byTom Hall
Voiced byMatt Kaminsky (2001) Peter Jessop (2009) Brian Bloom (2014–present) Debi Derryberry (young, 2017)
Motion captureBrian Bloom
In-universe information

Who played Dustin on Guiding Light?

Biography: American actor Vince Williams had a brief but promising career that was cut short by cancer. He is best known for his appearances on the soap operas The Guiding Light, where he played Hampton Speakes, and Another World as Dustin Carter.

Who is boss reboot?

“Danza and Milano are set to reprise their roles as Tony and Samantha Micelli,” reports Deadline. “Set 30 years after the events of the original series, the sequel will focus on former Major League Baseball player/retired housekeeper Tony Micelli (Danza) and his relationship with his daughter Samantha (Milano).

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