Who survived Sweet Home?

Who survived Sweet Home? In the final scene, we see Ui-Myeong, the other special infectee, escape in the SWAT truck in his ‘slime-form’. This could mean that the Sang-wook we see in the final scene is in fact Ui-Myeong, who is now possessing his body – which also explains the lack of facial burns.

Is bastard connected to Sweet Home? Sweet Home marks the second collaborative work between webtoon writer Kim Carnby and webtoon artist Hwang Young-chan. The first work by Kim and Hwang is Bastard (2014–16), a thriller story about son who lives with his father, a serial killer.

Is bastard manhwa good? Even if it was purely a horror it wasn’t scary or freaky and the gore was quite mild (in my opinion). So don’t go saying when … The story is quite gripping and as each chapter goes by you want to read more and more of it until you become obsessed and don’t want it to end. Well this is how I felt about it anyway.

Who is carnby Kim? Carnby Kim is the author of Sweet Home who also made other works such as City of the Dead Sorcerer, Bastard, Unknown Code, PIGPEN,Shotgun Boy and Flawed Almighty.

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Who is the villain in Sweet Home?

Pyeon Sang-Wook. Pyeon Sang-Wook is one of the characters in Sweet Home. He is portrayed by Lee Jin-Uk .


First AppearanceLast Appearance
Episode 1Episode 10

Who is the strongest monster in Sweet Home?

The steroid monster’s former human self was unknown, but it can be assumed he was a bodybuilder with a desire to get physically strong. Befitting to its immense and muscular appearance, it possesses extreme strength, far beyond that of any other monster.

Will Bastard continue?

The Netflix release date for season 1 part 2 (ep 14-24) of the 2022 anime reboot of Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy has now been confirmed.

How many episodes does Bastard have?

The 24-episode series was split into two courses, with Part 2 set to premiere on Netflix later this week. On July 8th, the official Twitter account for Bastard!!

What is the curse in Sweet Home?

People initially thought that to transform into a monster, one would have to be bitten by one. It is believed to manifest as a disease where one could possibly get infected through physical contact. But it was later revealed that the phenomenon is rather a curse that humans are destined to experience.

How much do you make off Webtoons?

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Where can I read Shotgunboys?

Read more episodes for free every day on the app! Scan the QR code to download the WEBTOON app on the App Store or Google Play.

Who dies in Sweet Home?

Hyun-Soo allows Sang-wook to leave but this causes Ui-myeong to open fire and kill two survivors, it is only after Hyun-Soo turns into a monster that he is stopped. Du-Sik sacrifices himself to calm Hyun-Soo down. In the other room, Gil-seob peacefully dies in his sleep and is buried.

Does Sweet Home have a happy ending?

The final episode of ‘Sweet Home’ sees Hyun Su at the edge of a moral precipice, swayed by Ui Myeong and his world domination plans. He plants the seed of differentiation between monsters and humans in Hyun Su’s mind, who had so long maintained a quiet reconciliation between the two.

What causes the virus in Sweet Home?

In fact, in Sweet Home, the cause of infection is “desire.” Hyun-Su got infected due to his desires. So does the woman who lost her baby.

What happened to the lady who lost her baby in Sweet Home?

After the Steroid Monster destroys the stroller, she lost it and was unable to hold back, accepting that her child had died years ago.

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