Who voices Umi love live?

Who voices Umi love live? Suzuko Mimori (三森すずこ, Mimori Suzuko, born J) is a Japanese actress and singer. She is represented by HiBiKi Cast. She voiced Umi Sonoda in Love Live!, Hikari Kagura in Revue Starlight and Asumi Fuurin / Cure Earth in Healin’ Good Pretty Cure. Her nickname is Mimorin.

How old is Umi from love live? Love Live! / Idols list / Sonoda Umi

NameSonoda Umi 園田 海未
SchoolOtonokizaka Academy 2nd year
BirthdayMarch 15 16 years old
Astrological signPisces
Blood typeA

Who is Umi real father? Umi and Shun start having feelings for each other. At Coquelicot Manor, Umi shows Shun a photograph of three young naval men. One of them is her deceased father, Yūichirō Sawamura, who was killed while serving on a supply ship during the Korean War.

Who does Umi live with in From Up on Poppy Hill? Home-cooked meals play a significant role in “Poppy Hill.” Umi is usually the one responsible for making meals at the boardinghouse where she lives with her grandmother, siblings and other residents.

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What happens to Umi and Sora?

Combining the meteorite (the seed) with Umi (the egg) concludes the festival — rebirth complete. When it’s all said and done, Ruka wakes in the ocean, and Umi and Sora lose their physical form. As strange as it all is, this is Ruka’s coming-of-age story. Even if she doesn’t understand everything, she grows as a person.

Why was Shun given away?

Additionally, Shun’s mother died in childbirth and his relatives died during the atomic bomb tragedy in Nagasaki. Umi’s parents tried to raise him, but could not as they were expecting Umi as well as supporting Umi’s mother’s medical career. Thus, Shun was given to the Kazamas.

How long is each story in Live A Live?

Live A Live Game Length. However, each chapter doesn’t overstay its welcome and can be completed in around 2-3 hours each, depending on one’s playstyle. The chapters can be played in any order of one’s choosing, although it is recommended to start with the prehistoric chapter first.

Is Live A Live a hard game?

This game has a strange set of mechanics that can be difficult to learn at first. It operates as a turn-based RPG, complete with random battles. However, characters can also move around a grid during battle like they were in a tactical RPG. Every action a character makes requires time.

Are there multiple endings in Live A Live?

There a five different endings to the Live a Live remake, and this guide details exactly how players can access each one of them. As players come to the conclusion of Live a Live, they will face some choices that will ultimately determine which ending they receive.

Does UMI like Ruka?

He considers Ruka to be his best friend and would do anything for her. Ocean Connection: Like his brother and Ruka,Umi has displayed some sort of connection of to sea. Allowing him to have a great understanding with the sea and communicate with ocean.

Who voices winry rockbell English?

Caitlin Glass, Muriel Hofmann are the English dub voices of Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Megumi Takamoto is the Japanese voice.

Does live a live have voice acting?

Live A Live has a lot of dialogue, but the remake has full voice acting to boot. Each story is given a new breath of fresh air by having each unique protagonist and their companions express themselves in a way not often seen in Super Famicom games.

What anime is Umi from?

Umi Sonoda is a main character in Love Live!. She was a second year student of Otonokizaka High School until she graduated at the end of Love Live! The School Idol Movie. She is the leader of Lily white, a sub-unit under µ’s and is a co-founder of the group.

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