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Who was in the motorcycle suit Steins Gate 0?

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Who was in the motorcycle suit Steins Gate 0? Just finished Steins;Gate 0, and I’m still lost about a single thing. I know that the motorcycle suit girl in the whole VegaAltair+Gehenna’s Stigma branch is Kagari, who was also pretending to be Amane Yuki.

Is Suzuha Okabe daughter? Background. Suzuha was born to Yuki Amane & Itaru Hashida in the year 2017. Suzuha never knew her father or even his name. The only things she knew about him were hsi alias, Barrel Titor, that he had created the time machine, and that he had started the resistance along with Rintaro Okabe.

Is Steins Gate 0 canon? Aside from being considered non-canon, both the movie and OVA are set on the Steins;Gate worldline, the worldline created when Okabe saved Kurisu at the end of the original series. 0 is set on the Beta worldline, the worldline where Okabe failed to save Kurisu and gave up.

Does everyone have reading Steiner? Okabe would eventually discover that everyone has Reading Steiner in some capacity, though he would remain the sole character in the series who is shown to have Reading Steiner strong enough to retain all of his memories following a world line shift.

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Is Kagari a Yuki?

In Vega and Altair, we learned that Yuki on this worldline is Kagari who had plastic surgery. The real Yuki was studying abroad in Europe at the time. In the worldlines where Kagari had lost her memory from 1998 to 2011, she came to the lab.

Does Ruka love Okabe?

Complicating this is the fact that Ruka (both male and female versions) are in love with Okabe — but as a boy he feels this is inappropriate and they could never be together. Although tragic, this extra wrinkle does muddy the waters even further and betrays the story’s basic origins as a dating sim.

Who is John titor’s dad?

Her mission is to go back to the year 1975 and recover an IBN 5100 to stop SERN, but she stopped by in the year 2010 to search for her father, Barrel Titor. She uses a malfunctioning time machine developed by her father, it is known as “Future Gadget 204, 2nd Edition Ver.

Who is Suzuhas dad?

After Okabe and Kurisu arrive with Suzuha’s cherished bicycle, Mayuri cleverly deduces that Suzuha’s father is actually Daru, a revelation that makes Suzuha cry tears of joy.

Who did Mayuri end up with?

Steins;Gate 0. After Kagari Shiina successfully recovers her memories after almost being hit by a truck while searching for the origin of a song she remembered, Mayuri discovers that she is her daughter from the future, and they proceed to live the several following months happily together.

Is Moeka a villain?

Type of Villain. Moeka Kiryuu is the secondary antagonist of the visual novel videogame and anime series Steins;Gate. She is a part-time editor of an unknown newspaper who is eventually revealed to be the leader of a mercenary group and SERN unit known as the Rounders.

What means El Psy Congroo?

The phrase is a possible combination of Greek and Latin meaning “To Harden the Mind.” The phrase itself is a reference to the @channel meme “La Yohasoh Steana,” and possibly something related to the real world John Titor’s codeword, “Tempus edax rerum,” meaning “Time, the devourer of all things.” Translated as “Congroo …

Who does Rintarou Okabe end up with?

Kurisu Makise is the female protagonist of the anime series Steins;Gate and the love interest of Rintarou Okabe.

Does Steins Gate have a happy ending?

Although confusing at times, Steins;Gate packs an emotional punch, especially when things go wrong. Nevertheless, seeing Mayuri and Kurisu alive at the end makes the journey worth it.

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