Who was the last person in Violet Evergarden?

Who was the last person in Violet Evergarden? In the novel apparently is Gilbert. The way I personally like to think of it, is that the person she met at the end it’s us. The spectator, that followed her through her journey, that cried and dreamed with her.

Who is Violet Evergarden’s father? Oscar Webster (オスカー・ウェブスター, Osukā Webusutā?) is a character in the Violet Evergarden series, and the protagonist of the first chapter of the first volume of the light novel. He is a playwright who used to seclude himself due to the deaths of his wife and daughter.

What happened to Cattleya in Violet Evergarden? Cattleya claims that she had terrible parents, which is why she ran away from home and ended up being taken in by Hodgins, where there were many moments of loneliness for her since she had no acquaintances. However, Cattleya eventually started working at the CH Postal Company, where she is the most popular Doll.

Who does Hodgins end up with? Angela Montenegro. Jonathan “Jack” Stanley Hodgins IV, Ph. D. is a character in the American television series, Bones.

Dr. Jack Hodgins
SpouseAngela Montenegro (Wife; 2010–present)
ChildrenMichael Staccato Vincent Hodgins (son, with Angela; born 2011)

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Why did Gilbert fall in love with Violet?

As time went on, Gilbert grew to love Violet, seemingly as a father would love his daughter, which is demonstrated by how happy he would become whenever she would call “Major”. He also believed that he had to protect her, and felt like his chest pounded with immutable devotion towards her.

How old is violet Evergarden at the end?

After the war, Violet became an Auto Memories Doll at the CH Postal Company, seeking to understand the meaning of the words “I love you,” which was told by the person she holds dearest, Gilbert Bougainvillea, during the War’s final leg. She’s 14 years old during the series.

What is the age gap between Violet and Gilbert?

Although this is considered normal in that time, especially for royals, the age difference between Gilbert (29 years old) and Violet (14 years old) is 15 years. Gilbert is technically old enough to be Violet’s father.

Who does violet end up with?

She asks Cooper to be her maid of honor, but his objective side meddles to such a degree that seeds of doubt are planted in Violet’s head and she proceeds to bolt from the ceremony. Pete follows her and without saying a word, he convinces her to take a leap of faith and the two finally get married.

Does Benedict like Cattleya?

By the way, Benedict and Cattleya are very much a couple in canon. They’re dating and also basically running a branch of the CH Postal Company together now.

Did Violet Evergarden have a kid?

In 10th episode of Violet Evergarden, the child, Anne, was presented as 10th y/o hildren. And, her mom is dead, then time-skip, and she already 18th year old.

Who is in love with Violet Evergarden?

As she confides in Violet about her loneliness, she reveals that she has been infatuated with Prince Damian as he was the first person who ever treated her as a normal being.

Does Violet Evergarden have a girlfriend?

Several people Violet has met has drawn the conclusion that Violet is in love with Gilbert due to her great devotion, care and love towards him. It is more obvious though that Violet loves Gilbert as family, since he was the only support system she ever knew, along with being her caretaker.

Who did Violet Evergarden marry?

After a nightmare in which Gilbert says the exact same lines that Dietfried said to her in episode 5, she attempts to choke herself to death. Earn Your Happy Ending: After all the suffering and emotional trauma of the War and its aftermath, Violet and Gilbert finally get married in the finale of Ever After.

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