Who wins Alucard or Goku?

Who wins Alucard or Goku? As of the most recent Goku, Goku would defeat Alucard easily. His power and speed was already insurmountable compared to Alucard at around the Sayian Saga. But what really seals the deal (and hushes all the fanboys) is that in the manga Goku knows Hakai, or destruction, attacks.

Can Goku beat Dracula? Obviously in the current state of Goku’s power level as it stands in Dragon Ball Super, the Saiyan could obliterate Dracula-Man with little effort.

Can Alucard beat Deadpool? Alucard’s also battled and bested several foes that are just as resilient as he and DP are (special mention goes to Father Anderson). In the end, Alucard would likely eat Deadpool whole and assimilate him into his body – then spit him back up after hearing DP yell “Chimichangas” for the millionth time.

Can Alucard be beaten? Alucard sounds semi-immortal, unlike true immortals, who will never ever die, Alucard can indeed die, so long as he wishes it, or if he is killed by some kind of immortal slaying weapon (for example, supernatural weapons specifically designed to kill semi-immortal beings).

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Is Alucard a God?

Transcendent Vampire Physiology: Alucard is not only the first Vampire to exist, he’s also a Vampire of godly power that has powers beyond that of normal Vampires. Immortality: This ability is rather ambiguous, as Alucard himself has stated that true immortality is a myth.

Can Sun kill Alucard?

Many of the famous weaknesses of vampires are a hodgepodge of folklore and superstition. There’s no reason for sunlight, running water, or garlic to affect Alucard. It’s just that as a more or less demonic being with powers related to darkness, the dark is more convenient for him.

How old is Alucard?

Alucard, whose real name is Adrian Ţepeş, is the immortal dhampir son of Dracula and the human Lisa Ţepeş. He was born in 1456 and when the series begins, in 1476, he has just turned 20.

Why is Alucard so strong?

Soul Absorption: By draining a person of their blood, Alucard gains dominance over their souls and very forms. He also takes on whatever knowledge they possess, as he was able to find out about Millennium by draining Tubalcain Alhambra of his blood.

Does Alucard have a weakness?

Weaknesses: Alucard’s heart is his main weak point, destroying it will force Alucard to use one of his many souls to serve as an “extra live” so it may die in his place, extending his life in the process, however, simply damaging Alucard such as cutting his arms or destroying his head will not have Alucard use his …

Can Alucard beat Madara?

Stalemate. Madara via genjutsu; Alucard’s resistance to illusions is crappy and insubstantial at best. Honestly, Alucard doesn’t have the speed to even touch Madara.

Can Alucard beat Thanos?

Thanos and Alucard would mess with each other for a while and engage in some pretty epic dialog, but after a while, Thanos would not be able to outlast Alucard in any form of fighting. If Alucard gets any of that Thanos blood in his body, he might be able to absorb some of Thanos’s soul.

Can Alucard kill Naruto?

He has more than a thousand years of fighting and killing experience and is functionally immortal since he’s a vampire. Suffice to say, Naruto’s regular life span and limited knowledge won’t be enough against a battle with Alucard.

Can Alucard beat Eren?

Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan is incredibly powerful. He might have a harder time beating Alucard as a normal human, but if he transformed into his Titan form, he would be way too powerful for Alucard to beat.

Can Alucard beat Saitama?

No. Saitama doesn’t follow powerscaling logic. He wins because he’s just too strong, and he’s just too strong because it’s funny. Alucard, for all his immortality and reality warping, is neither an omnipotent god nor a joke character.

Can Venom beat Goku?

Venom is strong, but there are levels between a monster and a god. Goku can fight toe to toe with guys like Jiren, who showed himself to be clearly the top fighter at the Tournament of Power. Simply put, Goku might be too much for Venom to handle in a very Biblical sense.

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