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Who wins Arata vs Taichi?

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Who wins Arata vs Taichi? However, in the final match due to exhaustion and perhaps feeling like he accomplished his dream of winning against Arata, Taichi loses by 18 cards. However, Arata tells Taichi that he never saw him as a burden and thanks him for playing Karuta with him for all these years even though he wasn’t as skilled as him.

Who is Taichi love interest? Nagase Iori: A female classmate of Taichi’s, and the president of the StuCS. Admiring her expressiveness, Taichi harbors romantic feelings for Iori and confessed his love to her.

Is Chihayafuru a love triangle? Chihayafuru exhibits a brewing love triangle, but the show has so much going for it that the romance element isn’t needed.

Is Chihaya in love with Arata? Chihaya and Arata are childhood friends. Arata developed a close bond with her during their childhood, as Chihaya was the first person to befriend him at school. Chihaya holds great admiration for Arata, despite their distance, and has called him a ‘Karuta God’.

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Why is Chihayafuru so popular?

Part of the reason Chihayafuru works is Yuki Suetsugu’s skilled writing, though its success also speaks to how well certain tropes work in tandem. The high school love triangle has potential outside of the shojo, and the shonen protagonist can find purpose in a more mature narrative.

Is Chihayafuru ending soon?

It was there fans were treated to an insert hyping Chihayafuru, and it confirmed the manga will close with volume 48. This update is certainly surprising to fans, but netizens cannot say they are blindsided. Kodansha has said before the manga was nearing its final arc, and creator Yuki Suetsugu has said much the same.

When did Chihayafuru end?

It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Be Love magazine since December 2007. It is about a school girl, Chihaya Ayase, who is inspired by a new classmate to take up Hyakunin Isshu karuta competitively. An anime television series adaptation aired from October 2011 to March 2012.

Who does Mashima Taichi end up with?

Chihaya ended up with Taichi! The Last chapter of the Manga was recently released and it is confirmed! Chihaya confessed to taichi through a poem, she later on told taichi “I love you” snd the two of them started dating at the end.

Does Taichi still love Chihaya?

In the past, it was shown that Taichi had feelings for Chihaya during grade school by often teasing her and getting jealous whenever she was with Arata. He has nurtured those feelings until recently, when he finally confessed his love to Chihaya.

What anime is Taichi Mashima?

Taichi Mashima is one of the main characters from the Chihayafuru anime and manga. The childhood friend of his crush Chihaya and (begrudgingly) Arata, he reunites with the former when he starts attending her high school.

Who is the male lead in Chihayafuru?

Taichi Mashima. Despite having a girlfriend at the start of the series, he later breaks up with her in a short, dry conversation. It is shown that he has feelings for Chihaya, yet she is oblivious towards them.

Is there romance in Chihayafuru?

Since Chihayafuru isn’t really a romance story the cute, fluffy dynamic between Chihaya and Arata and their love for Karuta together seem to fit the overall vibe of the story. So looking in the community and seeing fans’ prediction for the endgame romance has been really funny to see.

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Table of Contents