Why did Aizawa cut his leg off?

Why did Aizawa cut his leg off? To prevent a Quirk-erasing bullet from taking root in his body and stealing his Quirk, Aizawa unflinchingly saws off his own leg.

Can Hawks beat Dabi? Dabi was already a bad matchup for Hawks in the Paranormal Liberation War, as fire attacks can quickly burn through his feathers. Hawks wouldn’t fare that much better against Endeavor, who is physically much stronger than Dabi.

What happens in chapter 318 in MHA? As My Hero Academia Chapter 318 goes on we see that Izuku has fully convinced himself that he has to defeat All For One alone. Even when he has Endeavor, All Might, and other Pro Heroes ready to help him Izuku feels its his job to take out All For One. That mentality has led Izuku to become unrecognizable.

What chapter is Aoyama revealed as the traitor? The reveal of Aoyama Yuga as the real U.A. traitor in the leaked scans of My Hero Academia chapter 336 brings one of the biggest fan theories to perfect confirmation.

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Who is the traitor in MHA Chapter 335?

My Hero Academia Chapter 335 officially released on Sunday, 28 November 2021. The chapter seemingly reveals Toru Hagakure as the U.A. traitor.

Has the MHA traitor been revealed?

But the newest chapter of the series instead takes those final pages and uses them for a sudden twist to reveal who the actual traitor really is, Yuga Aoyama.

What chapter does Dabi burn Hawks?

Long before My Hero Academia Chapter 354, Hawks was a double agent for the Paranormal Liberation Front. Dabi eventually discovered his secret during the ensuing war, having burned his wings to a crisp.

What happens in chapter 327 of MHA?

Chapter Notes. It is revealed that Tomura requires two months of rest until his body is complete, so they have about one month until it is. The information Stain gave to All Might is revealed to be a data disk containing Tartarus’ security records, as well as a “love letter” for All Might.

What happened in MHA Chapter 325?

Chapter 325, titled “Connected by One For All,” opens with Mineta attempting to bond with Deku before Iida comes between them because it is not the latter’s turn. Kota then apologizes to Deku for not intervening, due to his overwhelming fear, but reveals that this fear vanished when he spoke to the woman Deku saved.

What happens to Mirio after losing his quirk?

Eri does manage to restore his Quirk. My Hero Academia fans breathed a sigh of relief when Mirio Togata finally restored his Quirk. Right before the Paranormal Liberation War, Eri was able to use her Rewind Quirk to restore Mirio back to his old self.

What is Aoyama real quirk?

Laser Generation: Aoyama’s Quirk, Navel Laser, allows him to fire a sparkly laser from his bellybutton, this beam is powerful enough to blast through solid concrete and propel him in whatever direction he chooses.

How did Hagakure find out Aoyama was the traitor?

Eventually, Hagarkure heads to this person’s house, who’s actually Yuga Aoyama. She hears Aoyama’s parents saying that he has to follow AFO’s orders or else they would all be killed. In short, this panel confirms that it is, in fact, Aoyama who’s the real U.A. traitor.

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