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Why did Ash lose the Unova League?

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Why did Ash lose the Unova League? Unova wasn’t a particularly good region for Ash. He didn’t accomplish anything of note, was made fun of time and again by Iris, and to cap it all off, he lost in the Unova League to Cameron, who mistakenly used 5 Pokémon in a Full Battle instead of 6.

Who beat ash in the Unova League? Ash and Cameron were able to hit off a friendship with one another when they first meet. Also, Ash and Cameron became rivals as well. Ash lost to Cameron during the Quarter-Finals in the Unova League but they both gave their all during the battle.

Does Ash beat trip? His goal was to become the next Pokémon Champion of the Unova region, but was defeated by Ash in the first round of the Unova League.

Who won Alain or Steven? 2 trainers of the Masters 8 already fought with each other in the Mega Evolution Special Part 2 in XY. It was Steven, Champion of Hoenn vs Alain, Winner of the Kalos League.

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Did Ash win any league?

He is the winner of the Orange League and also the Alola Region’s Pokémon Champion receiving the title after winning its first Pokémon League Conference.

Did Alain beat the Elite 4?

Later, Alain fought Malva of the Elite Four as the final Trainer. Alain pitted his Charizard against Malva’s Mega Houndoom and after a hard-fought battle, he was able to defeat her.

How old is Ash in XYZ?

So at the end of XYZ Ash is 16 years old and a half. For obvious and logical reasons the Pokémon anime has ended.

Why does Pikachu lose to snivy?

2 A Newly Acquired Snivy Swept A Powerless Pikachu Aside. Pikachu was actually hit with an immense amount of electricity emanating from a dark storm cloud prior to the match, which rendered it unable to use Electric-type moves, but Pikachu had already been built up as better at physical moves.

Does Ash ever meet Ritchie again?

Ritchie first appeared in A Friend In Deed and quickly befriended his fellow Indigo Plateau Conference competitor, Ash Ketchum, in an elevator. When the elevator went out, he plugged in a device to Ash’s Pikachu and got the elevator running again. Ritchie met up with Ash again outside.

How did Pikachu beat Serperior?

As Pikachu tried to use another Iron Tail on Serperior, Serperior countered it with a Dragon Tail, and was preparing for another strike, when Ash invented another attack plan, and had Pikachu use a combination of Electro Ball and Iron Tail, which collided with Serperior’s Dragon Tail, resulting in a big explosion.

How many Pokémon leagues did Ash win?

Ash wins in two Pokémon Leagues, those being the Orange Island and Alola Pokémon League Championship.

Does Iris Beat Alder?

Iris’s primary role in these games is finally revealed to be that of the new Champion, replacing Alder. After training extensively under Drayden, she battled and defeated Alder after he retired as Champion, gaining the title for herself.

Who defeated Ash in Johto League?

The two Trainers seem pretty evenly matched as their Pokémon take turns entering the arena (“Playing with Fire!”). In fact, the battle is so close that it ultimately comes down to a Fire-type brawl between Harrison’s Blaziken and Ash’s Charizard (“Johto Photo Finish”). And then Ash loses.

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Table of Contents