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Why did Deku leave UA?

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Why did Deku leave UA? Deku wanted to protect everyone. To minimize collateral damage, they used Deku to lure out the villains. Keep in mind that several of them have escaped the Tartarus prison during a breakout. However, this meant that Deku had to leave the U.A. to keep everybody there safe.

What happens in chapter 335 of MHA? My Hero Academia Chapter 335 then cuts to the villains’ hideout, where Shigaraki is writhing in pain. He proclaims his hatred for Star and All Might will persist as long as even one person remembers All Might. AFO, due to their amalgamation, can now sense Shigaraki’s thoughts and feelings.

Who was at the end of MHA 335? End of MHA 335. And… we finally see the traitor who was hinted at hundreds of chapters ago. Tooru Hagakure, the invisible girl herself.

Is the MHA manga finished 2021? In April 2021, Horikoshi stated that he had planned that the manga would end where it has been much longer than expected, but it is still leading toward the ending that had “decided” upon since before the series began.

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Who is the traitor in MHA?

The “U.A. Traitor” is revealed to be Yuga Aoyama. Toru Hagakure and Izuku overhear the Aoyamas discussion and confront him, as he tearfully confesses to the truth. Class 1-A, the U.A.

Is Aoyama the traitor or Hagakure?

traitor? Many people believed the culprit to be Toru Hagakure, but to their shock, it is Yuga Aoyama who was responsible.

Why did Aoyama betray UA?

Danger Sense’s debut proves Aoyama was committed to his role as a traitor though not out of choice. With his family on the line, Aoyama wants his parents to be safe, and he would even turn on Izuku if he meant doing so.

Is Hagakure confirmed traitor?

Academy, and the final page of that chapter had implicated Toru Hagakure as the traitor as many fans had guessed. But the newest chapter of the series instead takes those final pages and uses them for a sudden twist to reveal who the actual traitor really is, Yuga Aoyama.

Is the UA traitor confirmed?

traitor. While there was speculation that she really wasn’t the traitor, we now know that without a doubt Hagakure is innocent. Yuga Aoyama is confirmed as the U.A. traitor.

Has the UA traitor been found?

Updated on September 19th, 2022 by Tanner Fox: Chapter 336 of the My Hero Academia manga revealed that Class 1-A’s Yuga Aoyama was the U.A. traitor, though he was made to do so against his will.

Who is Deku’s dad?

Hisashi Midoriya is Deku’s father. Hisashi is presently working in another country. Because Inko and Izuku went to the doctor by themselves when Izuku was four, we may conclude Hisashi abandoned them when Izuku was quite small.

How close is MHA to ending?

As we know however, the manga’s creator Kohei Horikoshi plans to end the story by the end of 2023 at the most. As such, the manga has begun its final arc, but several issues are holding it back from being a smooth path to the finish line.

Is MHA in its final arc?

After nearly eight years in publication and 354 issues, the super popular, and genre-expanding manga My Hero Academia has begun its final story arc.

Is Aoyama a villain?

Yes, Yuga Aoyama is the spy sent by All for One. According to Chapter 336 of the My Hero Academia manga series, Aoyama admitted in front of Izuku Midoriya that he’s a villain. He also revealed that he was the one responsible for leaking the details about the U.S.J. and training camp incident.

Who gave Aoyama his quirk?

Many fans had correctly guessed he was the traitor, but the reason why is actually the most surprising as his quirk was apparently gifted to him by All For One at the request of Aoyama’s parents.

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