Why did Gon get older?

Why did Gon get older? Adult Gon was the result of Gon making the Nen restriction of never being able to use Nen again. In return, his physical capabilities, Aura capacity- Basically every attribute of his was amplified tens, possibly hundreds of times over.

Is Gon a 14? In geometry, a tetradecagon or tetrakaidecagon or 14-gon is a fourteen-sided polygon.


Regular tetradecagon
Edges and vertices14
Schläfli symbol{14}, t{7}
Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams
Symmetry groupDihedral (D14), order 2×14

What causes Gon? Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The gonorrhea bacteria are most often passed from one person to another during sexual contact, including oral, anal or vaginal intercourse.

What is special about Gon? Gon is an Enhancer, who are known for being simple-minded and determined. This determination and talent leads to both potential allies and potential enemies trusting in him and taking his side. Despite his kind nature, he can also be quite self-serving at times and has a very strange sense of morality.

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Is Gon a girl?

Gon is a young boy with long spiky black green tipped hair and large, hazel brown eyes. His usual outfit is composed of a green jacket with reddish edges covering a black or white tank top underneath, green short shorts, and green, laced boots.

Is Gon evil?

Gon has always been a good kid. Intrepid, loyal an all around trustworthy comrade. However in this arc he becomes a killer. He is so consumed with rage over Kite’s death, he pushes Killua away and sacrifices his potential to exact his revenge.

Does Gon lose his arm?

Election Arc: Left arm became a twig-like withered husk, until healed by Nanika. Only appendage we fully see while he’s in this state. (Right arm presumably still severed, until healed by Nanika.)

How did Gon get older?

Enraged by this outcome, Gon made a Nen contract, allowing him to sacrifice all the Nen he will ever have in his life to kill Neferpitou. The result of Gon’s action allowed his body to mature into that of a prime, muscular adult with immense power and Nen aura.

How did Gon get so strong?

This has been answered in the anime. The island where Gon lived full with wild animals. So, since he was just a little kid, he was fighting them and hunting to get food. For that, he got strong because he was able to train his muscles everyday.

How old is Gon now?

Gon Freecss
SeriesHunter × Hunter
Age11 (debut) 12+ (currently) 14-15 (according to the Timeline)
Birthday5 May (Taurus, Children’s Day)

Who is stronger Gon or Killua?

It has been established that Killua is stronger than Gon, while the latter has a higher ceiling. Using his abilities as a Transmuter, Killua can create a lightning-based aura. With enough training, he developed a power known as Godspeed, which let him fight against one of Meruem’s Royal Guards momentarily.

How old is Killua Gon?

8/10 Killua Zoldyck (12 Years Old). Similar to his best friend, Gon, Killua Zoldyck was also 12 years old at the start of his journey.

Do hisoka like Gon?

Hisoka was obviously intrigued by Gon already from that moment, but Hunter x Hunter fandom thinks that he started to have a crush on Gon, only when they met for the 2nd time. Hisoka is completely obsessed with Gon, what is emphasized almost every time Hisoka appears on screen.

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