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Why did Kagome give away Moroha?

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Why did Kagome give away Moroha? When Kagome and Inuyasha had Moroha, she was sent away as a baby to be kept safe from Kirinmaru, who seeks to destroy half-demons. Her parents were then sealed away inside the Black Rainbow Pearl, leaving Moroha to grow up without them.

What did Naraku do for 50 years? For fifty years after Kikyō’s death, Naraku secretly plotted and waited for the Shikon Jewel to reappear. During this time, he made an enemy of a monk, Miyatsu, and cursed his family lineage with the Kazaana. Naraku did so simply to ensure Miyatsu’s bloodline would suffer for eternity.

Who did Kikyo end up with? Kikyō eventually escapes the scene with a small fragment of her soul intact. Both of them care and are in love with Inuyasha and several times they’ve work together and helped each other out and both have saved one another on numerous occasions throughout the series.

How did Sesshomaru fall in love with Rin? He saw a bit of his father’s ideals in Rin and the idea is slowly moving into his very own. So Sesshomaru kept Rin because he started to care for her a bit and realized that Rin was an intriguing case and perhaps felt obligated to keep her since her persistence and kindness were too great for him to ignore.

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Who did Sesshomaru fall in love with?

Well since the new inuyasha 2 is coming out, Sesshomaru might have had romantic feelings towards rin. So he loved her in his own way. They have a child together in the new series coming out soon. Via Vizmedia and funanimation.

How old was Rin when she got pregnant with Sesshomaru?

– Starting with the obvious fact that Sesshomaru groomed Rin, and got her pregnant when she was 14 years old. That alone is completely gross. 2. – Kagome and Sango seem to be okay with this.

Why did Sesshomaru cut the butterfly?

He asked what do she want, she answered that her choice is that she must save her mother, and he used the Tenseiga to cut the Dream Butterfly that it causes to stop dreaming and the curse to continues.

Who Kagura end up with?

Kyo Sohma. Kagura and Kyo. Kagura bears an obsessive, child-like love towards Kyo and is convinced that she will marry him since they both are Zodiacs and since Kagura knows about his true form. She proclaims herself as his fiancée and is very honest about her feelings and affections towards Kyo.

Did Kagura like sesshomaru?

Kagura also appeared to have romantic feelings for Sesshōmaru, being glad to have seen him one last time before she died.

Who is Naraku in love with?

Knowing he could not have Kikyo, a jealous Naraku successfully tore her away from her lover, Inuyasha, resulting in Kikyo’s death and Inuyasha’s imprisonment to the Sacred Tree. If he couldn’t have Kikyo, Naraku would make sure that no one could have her.

What was Naraku’s final wish?

After Naraku’s body is destroyed forever by Inuyasha’s Meido Zangetsuha and Sesshomaru’s Bakusaiga, Kagome pierces the Shikon Jewel with an unusually powerful sacred arrow, dealing his soul a fatal blow. It is learned that Naraku’s true wish was Kikyo’s heart, a wish that the Shikon Jewel never granted.

Will Kagome appear in Yashahime?

After 14 years, Inuyasha and Kagome finally came out of the Black Pearl in episode 40 of Yashahime.

Does Rin marry Sesshomaru?

In Hanyō no Yashahime, she weds Sesshōmaru and bears him twin Hanyō daughters, Towa and Setsuna. Even after so many years, Rin still places great faith in her husband, permitting him to take her newly born twins with him for a rite of passage.

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