Why did Kim leave 24?

Why did Kim leave 24? Kim became very depressed and Chase had a hard time dealing with her sudden change in her attitude on life. Eventually, Chase took his daughter and left Kim. Kim no longer wanted to live, as she didn’t have anyone in her life.

How did Miguel lose his leg in 24? While being transported to Los Angeles via the 118, Miguel and Kim started a fire in Brown’s vehicle, injuring Miguel and the officer as Kim escaped. However, Miguel lost his right leg in the accident.

What happens to Jack Bauer at the end of 24? However, the producers and network behind 24 weren’t in favor of his route, and instead, the season ends with Jack handing himself over to Russian authorities to free his best friend – and beloved fan-favorite – Chloe.

Does President Logan get caught in 24? However, unbeknownst to Logan, Jack secretly placed a microtransmitter which later records him confessing his deeds to Martha. Logan is consequently arrested by U.S. Marshals during his eulogy of David Palmer, and is led away while Martha and Novick look on.

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Who kills Nina Myers?

Jack Bauer

Nina Myers
Died:Day 3: 2:59am Shot by Jack Bauer
Played by:Sarah Clarke
Season(s):1, 2, 3

Why was 24 canceled?

The “constant upward spiral of cast and creative team salaries” over the show’s eight years has driven the budget up to $5 million an episode, but the show’s ratings have dropped 16 percent this season. Financially, it couldn’t survive.

What happened to Jack Bauer’s daughter in season 1?

Kim tells the policemen that she has nothing to do with the drug deal and that she is Jack Bauer’s daughter. The policemen confirm this and release Kim. As Kim is being driven to CTU in a police car, the car is attacked and Kim is recaptured. She is taken to Victor Drazen where her father is also being held.

Is Nina Myers a mole?

Biography. During Day 1, Nina Myers was an undercover mole at CTU Los Angeles. She was secretly gathering information for Andre and Victor Drazen, whilst keeping her cover at CTU by assisting Jack Bauer in the field and Tony Almeida in the office.

Who is the traitor in 24 season 1?

Bauer realizes that Nina Myers is the mole. He calls George Mason and tells him to detain Myers, but Myers, who heard that Bauer had survived, was already preparing for exfiltration by erasing all the incriminating information of herself on CTU’s computer.

Who kills Jack Bauer?

However Max managed to shoot Jack once before dying, the second of two times he was shot in the final hour of the game, the first time by Madsen.

What did Jack whisper to Nina in 24?

Viewers don’t get to hear Jack’s whispered threat, but the scripted line for this 24 scene said “I will hunt you down for the rest of your life.” That should be enough to elicit a concerned response, though that’s not the line Sutherland said while filming the scene. Instead, he ad-libbed “I love you, Sarah.

What did Zach whisper to Nina?

7. During season 2 Jack whispers to Nina, he was supposed to say was “I will hunt you down every day for the rest of your life.” Kiefer Sutherland used that line in rehearsals and in early takes, but for the take you see on TV he changed it, resulting in a genuine look of shock from Sarah Clarke.

What happens to Jack Bauer?

Jack learned from Palmer that Dale Spalding was sent to kill him. With help from Tony, Chloe, and Michelle, Jack managed to stage his own death and he walked away with a new identity.

Are Kim Raver and Kiefer Sutherland friends?

Kiefer Sutherland enjoyed ’24’ reunion with Kim Raver. “It’s fantastic and it’s emotional because we’re friends,” Sutherland explained to Variety in 2014 of his cast mates. “We’ve all remained friends.

How much money did Kiefer Sutherland make on 24?

Kiefer won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role on “24,” and he earned a whopping $40 million for just 3 seasons of the Fox series.

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