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Why did LAN Zhan cut off Jin Guangyao arm?

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Why did LAN Zhan cut off Jin Guangyao arm? Afraid that Jin Ling will be killed by Jin Guangyao’s shaking, Lan Wangji uses Bichen to sever his arm.

What clan is Ouyang Zizhen? Live-Action Actor. Ouyang Zizhen (欧阳子真, Ōuyáng Zizhēn) is a junior disciple and the heir to the Baling Ouyang Clan.

What do the juniors call Wei Wuxian? The Juniors refer to each other as ‘sizhui’ and ‘jingyi’, leaving out the ‘lan’, just as lxc calls lwj ‘wangji’. Do they leave out the surname bc they’re close? And in that case, how come wwx and jc don’t call each other ‘wanyin’ and ‘wuxian’?

Why does Wei Wuxian wear black? WWX is the son of Changse Sanren, who married a servant in Jiang’s estate. I think Jiang’s policy is to “live and let live,” and WWX prefers red and black tones on him. Therefore he is often seen in Red and Black outfits, unlike usual purple representing Jiang family.

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How old was Mo Xuanyu when he died?

MXY was about 27 when he died. LWJ (same age as WWX) was 36 when WWX returned in MXY’s body.

Who is Jiang Cheng shipped with?

Jiang Cheng/Nie Huaisang is a non-canonical pairing in Mo Dao Zu Shi (MDZS) fandom as well as MDZS’s adaptation sub-fandoms, including The Untamed. The portmanteau “SangCheng” is commonly used as their ship name.

Does Lan Xichen get married?

A little selfishness he allowed himself. But the main reason he avoided his duty no longer holds him the way it used to do, and so before too long, Lan Xichen gives in. He is married before the year is over, to a lively young woman from Baling Ouyang, sister to one of Lan Sizhui’s close friends.

Are LAN Wangji and LAN xichen twins?

Titled as Hanguang-Jun (含光君, Hánguāng-jūn), Lan Wangji is one of the Twin Jades of Lan, alongside his older brother, Lan Xichen.

Who is Zizhen?

He Zizhen (Chinese: 贺子珍; Wade–Giles: Ho Tzu-chen; 20 September 1910 – 19 April 1984) was the third wife of Chairman Mao Zedong from 1928 to 1937.

Who is Jiang Cheng in love with?

The Web Series adds a romantic subplot wherein Jiang Cheng falls for Wen Qing at the Cloud Recesses, and even proposes to her at the start of the Sunshot Campaign to save her.

How old are the juniors in MDZS?

the juniors are born in 18-20, depending on stuff like what time of year it is and such, but that’s an approximation that should fit. Lan Sizhui is 1-2 years older than Jin Ling, but whether either of them was born in 19 depends on the year cutoff.

How tall is Jiang Cheng?

Jiang Chen

Personal information
Date of birth24 June 1986
Place of birthDalian, Liaoning, China
Height1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

What did Mo Xuanyu do to Jin clan?

Jin Guangyao. Eventually, however, Mo Xuanyu’s feelings for his brother grew romantic, and after harassment, he was removed from the Lanling Jin Clan in disgrace.

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