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Why did Lelouch betray Britannia?

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Why did Lelouch betray Britannia? His Love For His Sister Nunnally Makes Him Abandon His Men Mid-Battle. Lelouch’s character is tied very strongly to his love for his sister Nunnally. He is very protective of her, and his quest to defeat Britannia is in part motivated by her desire for a kind and gentle world.

Where is the last empress of China buried? She was posthumously honored with the title Empress Xiaokemin.

Tenure 1 March 1934 – 17 August 1945
Born 13 November 1906 Beijing, Qing Dynasty
Died 20 June 1946 (aged 39) Yanji, Jilin, China
Burial unknown

Who was the most powerful empress in China? Arguably the most powerful empress in Chinese history, Empress Dowager Cixi dominated the court and policies of China’s last imperial dynasty for nearly 50 years. She entered the court as a low-ranking consort, or wife, of the Xianfeng emperor and bore his heir, the Tongzhi emperor.

Why did zero kidnap the Empress? Two of them, the Holy Britannian Empire and the Chinese Federation,are trying to become one through a political marriage. This would be the ultimate threat to the United States of Japan. That is why Zero has acted by kidnapping the Chinese Federation’s young empress,the symbol of her nation.

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What race is CC?

Nickname Immortal Witch Pizza Girl Zero’s Mistress
Race representative of Geass
Title Witch, C.C.,
Occupation Slave (Formerly), Terrorist, Leader of the Geass Order (Formerly), Right-hand woman of Lelouch, Knightmare Pilot

Who is Lelouch true love interest?

6/10 Shirley’s Love For Lelouch Leads To Her Death. Even when attacked by the Geass user Mao, she cannot go through with killing Lelouch. Shirley’s mind is erased twice, but her love for Lelouch always persists.

Does Lelouch have a child?

Despite being Lelouch’s only child, and thus, the rightful heir to the throne, she has no ambitions for it and seems pleased with what her current life is. Liana herself seems to hold her father in high regard and becomes hurt when people badmouth him in her presence.

Who does Kallen end up with?

Kallen’s character poem “Yuukyou Seishunka” that came with the Code Geass Complete Best CD reveals she had fallen in love with Lelouch through her devotion to him and that if he had told her that he loves her, even if it was a lie, during their scene together at turn 22 where she asked him what she meant to him and why …

Who betrayed Lelouch?

Why was Lelouch particularly upset with Diethard Ried when he betrayed him even though all of Lelouch’s “allies” (including the black knights) did so, too? Diethard never really supported Zero because of his righteousness or for some other noble reason.

What is the Chinese Empress The Lady of ceiling known for?

For her discovery of the silk-making process, the earlier empress is known as Xilingshi or Si Ling-chi, or Lady of the Silkworm, and is often identified as a goddess of silk-making.

Who is the current Empress of China?

Empress Xiaoqin Cixi Duanyou. Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Xiaoqinxian
Names Yehe Nara Xingzhen (葉赫那拉·杏貞 叶赫那拉·杏贞) Posthumous name Empress Xiaoqin Cixi Duanyou Kangyi Zhaoyu Zhuangcheng Shougong Qinxian Chongxi Peitian Xingsheng Xian (孝欽慈禧端佑康頤昭豫莊誠壽恭欽獻崇熙配天興聖顯皇后 孝钦慈禧端佑庄诚寿恭钦献崇煕配天兴圣显皇后)
House Yehe Nara (葉赫那拉; by birth) Aisin Gioro (愛新覺羅; by marriage)
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