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Why did Mikey shoot Takemichi?

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Why did Mikey shoot Takemichi? Mikey never intended to kill Takemichi. He shot him to push Takemichi away for his own good and when this didn’t work, he intended to sacrifice himself. But Takemichi became the one person in Mikey’s life that refused to leave him or let go of his hand.

Who strangled Mitsuya? Conversation. takemichi really told chifuyu that mikey shot him, strangled mitsuya and burned hakkai to death….

Is Baji a time traveler? Hi, the time traveler being referred at the sentence is Takemichi not Baji. “He is also a very perceptive individual, seeing through who the true villains who threaten Toman are. He is the only one, aside from Takemichi who is a time traveler, who does so, revealing his sharp intellect.”

How tall is Sanzu in CM? LIDEN Films Accidentally Says Sanzu is 160 cm in Cast Height Comparison Art; Corrected to 172 cm | Fandom.

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How tall is Chifuyu?

Listed below are the heights in feet and cm and the ages of Tokyo Revengers’ main characters.

CharacterPast AgeHeight
Chifuyu Matsuno145’6.1″ (168 cm)
Haruki Hayashida145’4.6″ (164 cm)
Atsushi Sendō135’6.1″ (168 cm)
Shūji Hanma166’3.6″ (192 cm)

Why does Mitsuya sew?

This is special, as Mitsuya only made the uniforms for Toman’s founding members. As he sews Takemichi’s uniform, Mitsuya says that their uniform is their most formal wear. He explains that this is his way of showing his gratitude for saving Draken and uniting Toman on Bloody Halloween.

Is Takemichi stronger than Mikey?

Takemichi’s main strength lies within his resilience; he may not be as strong as Mikey and the others, but his near unbreakable will is definitely worth a lot.

How did Sanzu get his scars?

1. Who gave Sanzu his scars? Sano Manjiro (Mikey). Mikey hurt Sanzu’s face because he thought Sanzu had destroyed his toy aeroplane.

Is Mikey a villain?

Type of Villain. Mikey’s admiration to Takemichi after he told the latter of him being from the future. Takemitchy is my hero. Manjiro “Mikey” Sano is the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Is kisaki a time-leaper?

C) Kisaki was a time-leaper, or in some way gifted with a temporal power, but he was not the only temporally powerful person other than Takemichi. There was likely another time-leaper, one who came from Takemichi’s own time and worked to reverse every progress the Cry-baby Hero made.

Is Mitsuya Takashi alive?

Additionally, almost everyone in the photo has been killed: Chifuyu was shot to death, Hakkai was burned to death, Mitsuya was strangled to death, Draken was stabbed to death. Additionally, other chief members of Toman were murdered as well, including Kazutora, Pah-chin, and even Kisaki.

How old is Takashi Mitsuya?

Tokyo Revengers Statistics Chart

Takashi Mitsuya15 (Past) 27-28 (Present)June 12, 1990
Haruki Hayashida (Pah-Chin)15 (Past) 27-28 (Present)February 24, 1991
Ryohei Hayashi (Peyan)15 (Past) 27 (Present)October 15, 1990
Nahoya Kawata (Smiley)16 (Past) 28 (Present)May 25, 1989

Why does kisaki keep killing Hina?

Kisaki would later achieve his goal of becoming the number 1 criminal in Japan, and he proposed to Hinata. However, Hinata refused his proposal, which prompted Kisaki of killing Hinata. Yup, the main reason that made Kisaki so evil is his obsession with Hinata and his jealousy of seeing her with Takemichi.

Who is the guy with purple hair in Tokyo Revengers?

Mitsuya is a young man with droopy lavender eyes, short silver-lilac hair, and a muscular body. He has a concealed dragon tattoo identical to Ken Ryuguji’s on his right temple and a black huggie earring in a cross design on his left ear.

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