Why does AINZ have frost pain?

Why does AINZ have frost pain? After the lizardmen tribes’ surrender, some lizardmen were taken for training in the fold of Nazarick, and Ainz had procured Frost Pain for study.

What species is cocytus? Tanaecia cocytus, the lavender count, is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South and Southeast Asia.

Is Sebas a human? In his human form, Sebas Tian has the appearance of an elderly butler and he is dressed gracefully in his traditional black uniform. Sebas’ hair is entirely white, just like his immaculate beard.

Who is the strongest NPC in Overlord? Rubedo is the most powerful NPC that can overwhelm Ainz Ooal Gown, and even Touch Me with full equipment. Rubedo was also one of the four top-rated close combat specialists NPCs (Cocytus, Albedo, and Sebas Tian) and of course, she happens to be the strongest among them.

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Does Ainz get a human form?

Suzuki Satoru in real life. In the year of 2138 before taking on the name of Ainz Ooal Gown in the New World, Momonga was his original name as a player in YGGDRASIL. But in reality, he was a human being by the name of Suzuki Satoru, his true identity.

Who is the traitor in Overlord?

Tsaindorcus Vaision, also known as the Platinum Dragon Lord, is the main antagonist of Overlord. He is one of the Dragon Lords of the New World who seeks to eliminate the “Players” from YGGDRASIL, deeming them to be dangerous threats to the world he guards.

Who voices Crush Lulu in Overlord?

Amanda Lee is the English dub voice of Crusch Lulu in Overlord II, and Sora Amamiya is the Japanese voice.

Who is Lord Ainz wife?


Alyssa Crimson Flare
Personal Information
FamilyAlbedo (younger-in-law) Nigredo (younger sister-in-law) Rubedo (younger sister-in-law) Ainz Ooal Gown (husband) Isabella (daughter)
OccupationFloor Guardian of the 11th Floor Guardian Overseer (temporarily) Prime Minister Wife Warrior Goddess

Why did Albedo betrayed Ainz?

She wants him to be Momonga, not Ainz. Another factor of her discontent is the fact that the rest of the NPCs of Nazarick would obey their creators orders before Ainz’ (she questions them about this), so aside from Pandora’s Actor, she’s the only other one that would place Ainz above any other of the 41 Supreme Beings.

Who is Albedo crush?

As such, Albedo is completely infatuated with Ainz and is absolutely loyal to him. Even when he tells her that she only loves him because he made her that way, the only problem she has with it is if it causes him trouble.

Which NPC did Ainz create?

The Area Guardian of Nazarick’s Treasury, created by Ainz himself. He is a doppelgänger with an egghead with three holes as a face and is dressed in a military officer’s uniform. He can also assume the appearance and abilities of every member of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild.

Is Ainz the only player left?

Yes, as far as we know.. There have been other players around but they did turn up in a different centuries.

Who voices crusch overlord?

Crusch Lulu’s English voice actress Amanda Lee has sung English adaptations for several of the anime’s opening and ending themes on her YouTube channel.

How strong is Zaryusu?

Zaryusu Shasha is seen as one of the strongest lizardmen alive. He is the wielder of Frost Pain which is one of the Four Lizardmen Treasures. Even Cocytus is impressed by the strength and ‘spirit of a warrior’ he displayed.

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