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Why does Fuyuhiko have eyepatch?

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Why does Fuyuhiko have eyepatch? Due to himself removing his own right eye and replacing it with the eyeball of deceased Junko as a member of Ultimate Despair, Fuyuhiko now permanently wears a black eyepatch with a curled dragon on it. He no longer has anything in the socket, since he removed Junko’s eye after waking up.

What is Junko’s sister called? Mukuro was born as the older fraternal twin sister of Junko Enoshima. Since their very early childhood, Junko influenced and manipulated Mukuro into working towards Junko’s desire to “paint the world in despair” and planned to start The Tragedy, which Mukuro was happy to support her.

Who tried having a baby with Junko? On the other hand, several theories mention that in the japanese version it is stated that someone was trying to get Junkos children by taking her ovaries. Most likely it was Mikan, if you keep in mind how desperately in love she was with Junko.

What does Junko suffer from? Theory: Junko Enoshima has Anti-Social Personality Disorder, specifically Sociopathy. Some people would say she’s a psychopath, but I feel like she would more likely have a severe case of Sociopathy, as opposed to Psychopathy. By severe I mean, it’s gone untreated for so long that it’s made her fairly unstable.

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Does Kaede have a twin sister?

In the Class Trial, it was never revealed that Kaede has a twin sister or not, so this information remains ambiguous.

What killed Fuyuhiko’s sister?

She was killed by a fellow student named Sato, who covered it up along with Mahiru Koizumi, blaming it on a fake serial pervert. Her death was avenged by Fuyuhiko, who killed Sato in the same way that she killed his sister. This accident was revealed in Monokuma’s second motive, Twilight Syndrome Murder Case.

Who did Junko love?

Junko had romantic feelings for Yasuke, referring to them as “lovers”, though Yasuke denied this. Junko had a strong desire to “paint the world in despair” and planned to start The Tragedy, the worst, most despair-inducing incident in the history of mankind.

Who is girl E in Danganronpa?

Sato, nicknamed as “Girl E,” was first seen in classroom 1-A with Mahiru Koizumi (Girl D), Hiyoko Saionji (Girl B), and Ibuki Mioda (Girl C), discussing the murder that occurred the day prior when Mikan Tsumiki (Girl A) came late to the meeting.

Who is Mikan Tsumiki in love with?

It is heavily implied during and after Chapter 3 of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, later confirmed in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School, that Mikan’s Beloved is Junko Enoshima, who gained Mikan’s trust and love through brainwashing and manipulation.

What did Fuyuhiko do to Junko?

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu (former) – The Ultimate Yakuza, and one of the key members of Ultimate Despair after being brainwashed by Junko. He and Peko slaughter millions, including members of the Japanese Diet, and he eventually loses his eye while implanting Junko’s after taking it from her corpse.

Is Peko related to Fuyuhiko?

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. It is revealed at the end of Chapter 2 that Peko was raised in the Kuzuryu household, and was assigned to be Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu’s personal hitman and bodyguard, meaning she was always around him since youth.

Does Junko’s sister like?

Mukuro is Junko’s older twin sister. While Mukuro cared deeply for her younger sister, Junko had absolutely no love for her sister and sees her as a tool to do her bidding, while at the same time behaved towards Mukuro in a derogatory manner.

Who is Junko’s best friend?

Yasuke Matsuda is the Ultimate Neurologist and member of Class 77-A of Hope’s Peak Academy. He is Junko Enoshima’s childhood friend and current boyfriend.

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