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Why does HiMERU talk in third person?

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Why does HiMERU talk in third person? HiMERU speaks solely in third person to separate his idol identity from his true self, and refers to HiMERU, as well as HiMERU’s thoughts, opinions, and interests, as distinct from his own.

What happened between Ritsu and Rei? Rei is in limerence with Ritsu, much to the latter’s revulsion. Whenever Rei sees Ritsu, he is quick to drop everything and tell his brother how cute he is, no matter what he was doing. Ritsu, expressing disgust, pushes him away and even goes as far as to tell him to die.

Are REI and Ritsu twins? Ritsu Sakuma. Ritsu is Rei’s younger brother. Rei is in limerence with Ritsu, much to the latter’s revulsion.

Who is the youngest in Enstars? Trivia. Sora is the youngest and shortest member of Category:Switch. During the “Ensemble Stars!” era, Sora was one of the additional definitive main characters introduced into the game and storyline.

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Is Eichi a villain?

In the story, Eichi is referred to as a protagonist and a villain. There’s an interesting quote about it within the text. He talks about how every protagonist would be seen as the villain for their actions if they didn’t win. He’s also regularly referred to as the Emperor.

Why did Nazuna Nito leave Valkyrie?

He held a grudge against those at Yumenosaki that slacked off for giving the school, and therefore Valkyrie, a bad name. After his first year, he hit puberty and his voice changed, and he no longer fit the image that his unit leader Shu wanted.

Is Eichi in love with Wataru?

In SS Finals, Wataru afirms he enjoyed Eichi’s reaction during Sanctuary, later he adds that Eichi takes his actions and words too seriously because he loves him.

Who is the most popular character in Ensemble Stars?

Who do you like from fine the most?

  • Eichi Tenshouin: 437 — 30.62%
  • Tori Himemiya: 275 — 19.27%
  • Yuzuru Fushimi: 348 — 24.39%
  • Wataru Hibiki: 367 — 25.72%

Does Shu have did?

It is implied, and more explicitly mentioned by Natsume, that Shu has a form of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) for the sake of simplicity. However, he does not fit all important diagnostic criteria of DID, which makes his case fall under the category of Other Specified Dissociative Disorders (OSDD-1).

Why is Enstars 17+?

I can assure you that the sexual content in here is not that much and the age rating is solely there because they were forced by Apple AND some dark and mature themes on the in game storyline. If you want a good place to start getting into Enstars, I would recommend reading the first main story under Ensemble Stars!

How old is Arashi Narukami?

Name:Arashi Narukami
Age:18 years-old
Height:176cm (5’9″)
Weight:59kg (130 lbs)
Blood Type:B

Who voices Rinne Amagi?

Youhei Azakami MAL. Voice Actors

Youhei Azakami MALRinne Amagi
Jun Kasama MALHiMERU
Tasuku KaitoKohaku Oukawa
Tomohiro Yamaguchi MALNiki Shiina

Who voices eichi ensemble?

Aaron Dismuke is the English dub voice of Eichi Tenshouin in Ensemble Stars!, and Hikaru Midorikawa is the Japanese voice.

Who is Rei Sakuma?

Rei Sakuma
佐久間 レイ
BornReiko Sakuma January 5, 1965 Setagaya District Tokyo, Japan
OccupationActress voice actress singer narrator
Years active1985–present
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