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Why does Nick hate Acheron?

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Why does Nick hate Acheron? Nick hates Acheron for not using his powers to bring her back to life and views him as his worst enemy. Artemis brought him back to life as a Dark-Hunter, but Acheron has Nick’s soul and is trying to train him.

Who is Acheron’s father? ACHERON SUMMARY

ParentsOceanus and Tethys
WifeGorgyra, Orphne
God ofThe River Acheron

What is Nick Gautier? Nick is the son of Adarian Malachai and Cherise Gautier. He is the main character of Chronicles of Nick Series. Nick is, by the heritance of his father, a Malachai who is being guarded and protected by Caleb Malphas, who is also Nick’s best friend.

What happened to Nick in the Dark-Hunter series? Destroyed by grief, he took his own life so that Artemis would be forced to make him a Dark-Hunter and allow him his vengeance. Artemis—who cannot make a Dark-Hunter from a suicide—felt she had no right to Nick’s soul, so she handed the soul over to Acheron.

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Is Apollymi a real goddess?

The Goddess of Life, Death and Wisdom, Apollymi is the daughter of Chaos (the formless matter that birthed the universe) and Zenobi (the Atlantean north wind). She holds many epitaphs including: The Destroyer, The Bringer, The Giver, Biosia (Life), Thanata (Death), Magosa (Wisdom), and Fonia (The Killer).

Is the river Acheron real?

In real life, the Acheron is far from its ancient mythological reputation as “the river of woe.” The 32-mile-long waterway in Epirus, a region in northwest Greece, teems with life, enchanting day-trippers with its biodiverse ecosystem of majestic gorges, ponds, and waterfalls.

What is Acheron known for?

The Acheron was sometimes referred to as a lake or swamp in Greek literature, as in Aristophanes’ The Frogs and Euripides’ Alcestis. In Dante’s Inferno, the Acheron river forms the border of Hell. Following Greek mythology, Charon ferries souls across this river to Hell. Those who were neutral in life sit on the banks.

What order should you read the Dark-Hunter series?

Dark-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon Series Reading Order (Dream-Hunter, Were-Hunter)

  • Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter)
  • Dragonswan (Dark-Hunter, Book .5)(Were-Hunter 1)
  • Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, Book 2) (officially 1, but the first two are highly recommended)

Is fantasy lover part of the Dark-Hunter series?

Fantasy Lover is related to the Dark-Hunter series, a prequel of sorts to the main series. It stands well on it’s own, but Julian and Grace make several more appearances throughout the rest of the series.

What is the correct order of the Dark Hunter series?

Since there are 4 series intertwined (Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter, Dream-Hunter & Chronicles of Nick), this is the way they should be read if you want them truly in order. If you don’t read them in order, that’s OK, some characters pop up in others, but not so much that you can’t get the drift.

What color is the river Acheron?

The River of Pain, also known as the River Acheron, the Green River and The River of Lost Souls is a river in Greek Mythology’s Underworld. Acheron is the ancient green river in Greek Mythology.

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