Why does Ojiro Otori wear a mask?

Why does Ojiro Otori wear a mask? The purpose of Otori’s mask could be to manipulate his recognizability as the son of a powerful leader, or it could provide protection like the mask of a samurai. Otori’s world is fraught with violence and political turmoil, both of which he seems poised to take advantage of in his quest for power.

Is Ojiro the main character in Tribe Nine? Voice Actors. Ojiro Otori (鳳 王次郎, Ootori Oujirou) is the main antagonist of Tribe Nine. He serves as the leader of the Chiyoda Tribe.

Who is the main protagonist in Tribe Nine? Minato Tribe. The protagonists’ faction, based out of the special ward of Minato. Their base is a diner that rarely gets customers. Their leader, Shun Kamiya, is considered one of the best XB players in all of Neo-Tokyo.

Is Haru from Tribe Nine a girl? Haru Shirokane (白金 ハル, Shirokane Haru) is the main protagonist of Tribe Nine he is a new recruit in the Minato Tribe. A timid boy who is constantly bullied.

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Is Tribe Nine a good anime?

Tribe Nine has a ridiculous plot but it’s still a whole lot of fun the characters are super fun and memorable, especially the main villain in this series. The show also has some pretty good humor and the visual fight scenes are pretty entertaining.

What character does Technoblade play in Tribe Nine?

Technoblade has joined the voice acting cast of the anime Tribe Nine as a member of the Hannya Squad!

What anime has corpse husband in it?

From music creation, game commentary to even streaming, Corpse Husband’s iconic voice has made its mark in the digital world amongst other content creators.

What anime will corpse husband be in?

YouTuber and musician Corpse Husband has announced he’s voicing a character in the English dub of the new Tribe Nine anime series.

Is Ojiro a villain Tribe Nine?

Type of Villain. Ojiro Otori is the main antagonist in the anime Tribe Nine. He was voiced by Junichi Suwabe (JPN), who also voiced iconic characters such as Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

What happened to Ojiro in Tribe Nine?

Haru ultimately defeated Ojiro, and after the wreckage settled, Kazuki rescued his old partner. Kazuki once again joked about Ojiro being his substitute, showing that he was finally ready to have fun with XB again.

What episode is Ojiro in Tribe Nine?

It all starts with episode 6, “A Man’s Pride” and antagonist Ojiro’s reappareance in the series. Adachi Tribe invades crashes into Chiyoda City, which is where Ojiro resides.

What character is corpse in Tribe Nine?

Corpse Husband will voice the character Ojiro Otori in the English dubbing of Tribe Nine. Ojiro will be an antagonist in the anime series. This announcement will be Corpse’s first voice-over of an anime project. Additionally, this will make his debut as a voice actor.

Who is the antagonist in Tribe Nine?

Tribe Nine is set in a cyberpunk world where gangs of young people strive for dominance in Extreme Baseball. Corpse Husband will serve as the English voice of the masked antagonist, Ojiro Otori, leader of Chiyoda Tribe who believes winning is everything.

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