Why does Regulus have so many wives?

Why does Regulus have so many wives? His wives. For well over 100 years, Regulus had been married 291 times. In order for his Lion’s heart ability to work properly, he had been keeping them by his side all the time. He had been choosing his wives based on their faces.

Who is the strongest Sin Archbishop? Regulus is the strongest Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult. If every Witch of Sin (excluding Satella) and Sin Archbishop were to fight against each other, Regulus would be the sole survivor.

Why is Satella obsessed with Subaru? Satella claims to love Subaru for “giving her light, showing her the outside world, holding her hand when she was lonely, and kissing her when she was all alone” essentially giving her everything and Natsuki Subaru does know what Satella said.

How did Emilia get pregnant? In Sepetys’ Salt to the Sea, Emilia hides her pregnancy out of shame, as she’d gotten pregnant from being raped by Russian soldiers.

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Who has a crush on Subaru?

Yes Subaru has always maintained that he loves Emilia , rem is actually the one who falls in love with Subaru.

Who is Ram in love with?

While many fans eventually started rooting for Garfiel to win over Ram, it just isn’t going to happen. Ram has no romantic feelings for Garfiel and is devoted entirely to Roswaal.

Is Subaru Natsuki pride?

Subaru is the Sin Archbishop of Pride in the Ayamatsu IF, but the short story is non-canonical to the mainline story.

Does Petra love Subaru?

Natsuki Subaru – Petra developed a bit of a crush on Subaru after being saved by him a number of times. She was one of the reasons that Subaru could not bear to just stay in the mansion after getting past his death curse.

Is Emilia dating Subaru?

After a while, she managed to realized how Subaru became special to her in the same way she became special for him, marking the beginning of their somewhat mutual love, though their romantic relationship hasn’t yet developed into anything stronger than the bond they forged during Arc 4’s climax.

How did Rem fall in love with Subaru?

After being rescued by Subaru, both physically and emotionally, Rem quickly develops strong romantic feelings for him.

How did felt become a candidate?

She was hired to steal Emilia’s insignia, but later ended up fighting alongside her, Natsuki Subaru, and Reinhard van Astrea against Elsa Granhiert. Afterward, she is forced to participate in the Royal Selection after being chosen by the insignia.

Who is Flugel in re Zero?

Flugel (フリューゲル) was the Great Sage, and a key figure in the sealing of the Witch of Envy 400 years ago. Though mentioned by name and title throughout the series, his identity as the Great Sage isn’t revealed until Arc 6.

Does Al have return by death?

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Why do people say Rem is best girl?

Rem is one of the most loyal anime characters ever. As talked about in the points above, she is incredibly loyal even if she knows she will never be as important as her friend Emilia. Her loyalty draws many fans towards her and helps make her even more popular.

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