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Why does Wei Wuxian wear black?

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Why does Wei Wuxian wear black? WWX is the son of Changse Sanren, who married a servant in Jiang’s estate. I think Jiang’s policy is to “live and let live,” and WWX prefers red and black tones on him. Therefore he is often seen in Red and Black outfits, unlike usual purple representing Jiang family.

Who betrayed Wei Wuxian? In the end, Jiang Cheng stabs Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian summons Wen Ning to break Jiang Cheng’s arm, and the two leave cursing each other.

What mental illness does Wei Wuxian have? So previously, I talked about the basics of his upbringing and what caused his traumas, as well as why I think he has ADHD as well as PTSD, and how the ADHD affected his response to his trauma.

What is in Wei Wuxian pouch? At Dafan Mountain, Wei Wuxian discovers a dropped Qiankun bag containing medicinal liquor, Talismans, and miniature demon-reflecting mirrors. The discovery of this bag enables him to locate a Ghost wandering the mountain, leading Wei Wuxian to discern the true nature of the soul-stealing entity.

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What is Wei Wuxian courtesy name?

Zhan 湛 is his formal name (名) and WangJi 忘機 is his courtesy name (字). Wei Ying 魏嬰 is the formal name, and Wei WuXian 魏無羨 is the courtesy name.

Who kills Wei Wuxian?

in the donghua, it is assumed that wei wuxian died by his army turning against him in the end and eating and tearing him apart at the burial mounds.

Who is Wei Wuxian dating?

Immediately afterward, however, Wei Wuxian publicly declares his love by reassuring Lan Wangji that he had “really wanted to sleep with” him. The two marry shortly after the incident at the Guanyin Temple, and they maintain a loving, passionate relationship.

How did Wei Wuxian get branded?

I don’t remember one on Lan Zhan but Wei Wuxian got one from jumping in front of a branding iron meant for Luo Qingyang (aka Mianmian)’s face in the Tortoise of Slaughter’s cave.

What does Wei Wuxian drink?

At the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian and Uncle Four agree that Emperor’s Smile is indisputably the best wine they have tasted. After Wei Wuxian’s death, Lan Wangji purchases Emperor’s Smile and drinks it for the first time. Though he does not like the taste, he understands why Wei Wuxian does.

Does Wei Wuxian have a golden core?

The whole thing where Wei Wuxian might formulate a new golden core completely hinges on his resurrection; in the novel, he gets a golden core because Mo Xuanyu still has the ability to formulate his golden core. It’s not so much Wei Wuxian cultivating a new one as it is him picking up Mo Xuanyu’s.

Who is Jiang Cheng in love with?

The Web Series adds a romantic subplot wherein Jiang Cheng falls for Wen Qing at the Cloud Recesses, and even proposes to her at the start of the Sunshot Campaign to save her.

What chapter did Wei Wuxian confess?

Wei Wuxian watched as Lan Zhan stepped back obediently, even when it was plain to see that he was enraged. All because he had fall in Jin Guangyao grasp in a moment of confusion.

Why is Wei Wuxian called WIFI?

Mo Xiang Tong Xiu referred to Wei Wuxian in her author’s notes as Wi-Fi. This is because Wi-Fi = 无线 (wuxian) is a homophone of his courtesy name.

What is Wei Wuxian age?

Nie Huaisang: In the Cloud Recesses flashback, is around the same age as Wei Wuxian, which is 15.

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