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Why is Annie trapped in a crystal?

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Why is Annie trapped in a crystal? Annie enveloped herself into a crystal barrier to prevent being captured and tortured by the military. She was able to do this by tapping into her hardening ability and forming a formidable barrier that keeps her safe from them.

Does Annie age in the crystal? Judging by Annie’s appearence in her crystal for the last few chapters I can say with confidence that she didn’t age physically at all. She appears to be the same height and her hair hasn’t grown any longer, just untied.

Does Annie ever wake up? After the attack, Annie regains consciousness in a refugee camp inside Wall Rose with Reiner and Bertolt.

Who did Mikasa marry? Mikasa married Jean & has kids. Paradis is now destroyed but the titans still exist. Yet to see how it’s executed specifically on the paper but the leaks are making AoT 139 sound far worse than what it already was.

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Why is Louise obsessed with Mikasa?

Louise was a young girl inspired by Mikasa’s strength as a warrior, which led her to adopt a “might is right” view of life, where the ends justify the means. Lousie’s blind adoration of Mikasa led her to also align with Eren and the Jaegerists – but for misguided reasoning.

How old is Eren s1?

When season 1 begins with Eren’s hometown being attacked in 845, he is only 10 years old, and Eren swears revenge on the Titans responsible for his mother’s death. What is this? So, once season 1 is in full swing, he joins the 104th Survey Training Corps at 15 years old in the year 850.

Was hitch a Yeagerist?

Three years after Eren’s death, Hitch is among the Yeagerists celebrating the formation of Paradis’s new army.

Who is hitch in love with AOT?

Relationships Hitch Aot. However, Hitch has shown a deep love for Marlowe such as when she violently assaulted Jean as she threatened her and then attempted to dissuade him from joining the Survey Corps on the mission to take back Shiganshina in the fear of his security.

Why does Hitch help Annie?

After Annie’s disappearance (as she crystalized herself being hidden) before being revealed to be the Female Titan, Hitch is shown to care about Annie, believing the scouts were the reason why Annie is ‘missing/dead’.

Who is the girl who took Mikasa’s scarf?

Noticing that Mikasa has left her scarf, Louise decides to wear it herself. Louise is among the Yeagerists Jean Kirstein leads in a defense around the military’s headquarters against Zeke’s newly-transformed Titan horde.

Who was Levi’s girlfriend AOT?

Petra Ral (ペトラ・ラル Petora Raru?) was an Eldian who served as a hand-picked soldier of the Survey Corps by Levi Ackerman placed in the Special Operations Squad.

Why are animals attracted to hitch MLP?

Hitch has an unexplained magnetism that draws animals and critters to follow him everywhere, and he is shown to like music, sometimes bobbing his head or shaking his flank to whatever music is playing around him.

Who is the blonde girl Mikasa talks to?

Louise is the blonde girl we saw with Mikasa in on Season 4 Episode 18, “Sneak Attack.”Right around 12:50 to 13:00 in that episode (according to Hulu), Louise and Mikasa briefly talk about the scarf.

Are there any couples in AOT?

While there are not many canon romantic relationshipsin Attack on Titan, the few that exist are only signified in minor gestures. The friendships formed are at the forefront of nearly all the decision-making fans see from the characters (aside from survival, of course).

How is Annie still alive in the crystal?

Annie is still in the Crystal because there is no evidence or sign that the Crystal can be broken. -We already see that Eren cant break the crystal or Tybur lady would be chow mix.

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