Why is Chiaki a robot?

Why is Chiaki a robot? Chiaki is later revealed to be an Artificial Intelligence along with Usami, created by Ultimate Programmer Chihiro Fujisaki and modified by their big brother Alter Ego. They consider Chihiro as their father and they work for the Future Foundation along with Alter Ego.

Why is Chiaki the traitor? In Chapter 5 of Danganronpa 2, it’s revealed that Chiaki is an AI created by Alter Ego alongside Usami as the Observer of the Neo World Program. She revealed her identity as the traitor of the group in the fifth trial to save the students from being executed for voting the wrong culprit.

What year was Chiaki born in? MUKAI Chiaki was born in 1952 in Tatebayashi City, Gunma. She was selected as an astronaut in 1985, and in 1994 became the first Asian astronaut to board the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Who is Chiaki crush? Chiaki was also seen in Hajime’s thoughts in chapter 6, willing him on to not give into despair. Throughout various Free Time Events, it’s hinted that the two were interested in each other romantically. In Chiaki’s 4th Free Time Events, she fell into Hajime’s chest while they were looking through storage boxes.

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Who is Chiaki Nanami dating?

Hajime and Chiaki are frequently shown to be together in cutscenes and events. Their relationship progresses to a point where they can understand each other’s expressions and wishes, even without the other speaking.

Is Chiaki a Waifu?

Chiaki Nanami is a character from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and a rollable game and animanga waifu in Mudae.

What gender is Chiaki?

Chiaki (ちあき, チアキ) is a unisex Japanese given name used mostly by females and is occasionally used as a surname.

Does Chiaki have pink hair?

Nanami has short, light pink hair which is flipped at the bottom, and has light pink eyes. She wears a white, blue, and red Galaga spaceship hair clip, and wears a dark teal hoodie that’s unzipped.

How old is Nagito?

Nagito is a tall and skinny young man in his early twenties, around 22 at youngest. In Danganronpa Another Episode, he is around 20 year old, while his virtual avatar in the Neo World Program appeared as around 17 year old.

Who created Chiaki?

Chiaki Nanami
Created byKazutaka Kodaka
Designed byRui Komatsuzaki
Voiced byEnglish: Christine Marie Cabanos Japanese: Kana Hanazawa
In-universe information

Was Chiaki ever human?

Chiaki is human, and is a student of Hope’s Peak Academy, later becoming the class representative of Class 77-B. The AI Chiaki Nanami featured in Danganronpa 2 is based off of her classmates’ collective recollection of her.

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