Why is DIO alive in 6?

Why is DIO alive in 6? DIO is technically still dead during the events of Stone Ocean. His appearances in the part are mainly via flashbacks for the antagonist of the part. It’s mainly because of how much of am impact he has for the antagonist and how it’ll affect the part overall.

Why did Dio kiss Erina? Dio notices the change in Jonathan and suspects that Erina is the cause. The ruinous villain that he is, Dio plots to steal Jonathan’s source of happiness. He kisses Erina to make things awkward between her and Jonathan, taking away Jonathan’s one and only source of solace.

Who is Erina’s first kiss? You thought your first kiss would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!!” — Dio Brando, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, after stealing Erina’s. (Dio Brando spots Erina Pendleton.) (Jonathan steals Erina’s first kiss.)

Does Dio have a wife? Dio Brando married Briar Brando (born Shirayuki). They had 2 sons: Giorno Brando and one other child.

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Did Erina and Dio have the same coffin?

After retconning, the coffin had a second compartment that Dio hid in while Erina hid in the top compartment. After Erina got in the coffin, Dio ripped off Jonathan’s head and got into the same coffin Erina was in.

Who did Dio kissed?

Dio forcefully kissing Erina However, Dio learns of their romance and decides to ruin Jonathan’s chance for love by forcefully taking Erina’s first kiss. A humiliated Erina responds by washing her lips from water in a muddy puddle causing a furious Dio to then strike her for such a gesture.

What happens in the first episode of Jojo?

Summary. In the year 1868, a carriage carrying a couple and their baby son has fallen down a cliff because of the ongoing downpour. A thief named Dario Brando and his companion see the crash and decide to steal whatever valuables there are from the corpses, first leaving an ugly looking Stone Mask.

Does Dio have a son?

Dio Brando (Japanese: ディオ・ブランドー, Hepburn: Dio Burandō) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Japanese manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki.

Dio Brando
ChildrenGiorno Giovanna Donatello Versus Rikiel Ungalo
StandThe World

Is Lisa Lisa a Joestar?

Lisa Lisa, real name Elizabeth Joestar, is the tritagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, also appearing as a minor character in Phantom Blood. Lisa Lisa is a Ripple master and mentor to Caesar Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar. Later, it is revealed that she is Joseph’s mother.

Who married JoJo Joseph?

Joseph Joestar
SpouseSuzi Q
ChildrenHolly Kujo (daughter) Josuke Higashikata (illegitimate son) Shizuka Joestar (adoptive daughter)
RelativesJotaro Kujo (grandson) Jolyne Cujoh (great-granddaughter) Giorno Giovanna (half-uncle) Donatello Versus (half-uncle) Rikiel (half-uncle) Ungalo (half-uncle)

Does DIO have 4 sons?

Before his defeat but after awakening from being trapped in the ocean, DIO had at least four children, being Giorno Giovanna, Donatello Versus, Rikiel, and Ungalo. After DIO’s death, his children found themselves in many different situations and social standings.

Does DIO have 2 stands?

Which stands does Dio have in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? Dio has his primary stand The World which grants him the ability to stop time (His stands main power) but he also has a stand with abilities similar to Joseph’s hermit purple.

How old is DIO?

Dio Brando
Age20-21 (Part 1) 121-122 (Part 3)
BirthdayApril 10, 1867
SpeciesHuman (Formerly) Vampire (onwards)

Does Diego Brando have 2 stands?

After obtaining the Left Eye of the Corpse while under the control of Dr. Ferdinand’s Stand, Scary Monsters, Diego acquires his own independent version of the same Stand which remained after Dr. Ferdinand’s own death.

How old was Pucci when he met DIO?

Pucci met DIO when he was 15 and DIO died when he was 17. When DIO died he was still a twenty something year old. Now Pucci aged up 21 or so years, and died at 39 years old.

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