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Why is Eren’s founding Titan a skeleton?

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Why is Eren’s founding Titan a skeleton? Namely, when the Founding Titan manifested itself, Eren had already been decapitated at the time. The Founding Titan’s spine then had to connect Eren’s head to his body, which is why the spine actually formed the basis of the Titan’s body, thereby creating a monstrosity composed mostly out of bones.

Why can’t Dodge take the keys? Locke family barrier: Dodge, like any other demonic entity, cannot take any Locke’s keys through physical force, as she had to come up with various plans to force Bode to give her his keys. As this rule is exclusive for the Lockes, anyone else who has a key on their person, she can physically steal from them.

What is inside the basement of Eren’s house? The basement contains his father’s journal in which it details his life beyond the walls and answers most of the big mysteries of the series.

What is the secret of the Titans? In the aftermath of the destruction of Ragako, the true nature of the Titans is discovered. The investigation performed by Hange Zoë reveals that the villagers had been transformed into Titans by some unknown means, as a captured Titan is discovered to have once been Connie Springer’s mother.

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How did Eren get the key in Attack on Titan?

Grisha kept the basement locked from his son Eren, but after the fall of Wall Maria, Grisha gave his son the key and entrusted him to retake Wall Maria and reach it. To find the secrets hidden in the basement was one of the goals of the Survey Corps during the expedition that led to the Battle of Shiganshina District.

Why can’t Nina remember Locke and Key?

It would later be revealed that adults over the age of eighteen cannot remember magic, therefore Nina has a hard time comprehending the situation but later forgets it ever happened.

Why did Erin take the chain key?

Erin uses the Chain Key to bind Godge. She drags him back towards her, and he semi-morphs into his demon form. Unfortunately, Evil-den knocks her out before she can get Godge the heck out of there and into the well house. Then, Duncan finds the gaggle of children.

What two keys did Duncan make?

It’s later revealed that Duncan is one of very few people known to have made new keys, having created the Memory and Demon Keys. After his memories are restored, Duncan joins his family in defending the Keyhouse from Dodge.

Why can only Duncan make keys?

It turns out Rendell and his friends discovered a way to remember the magical keys past the age of 17, which entailed making a memory key. However, the only Locke who could craft the key at the time was Duncan, most likely because he was the youngest Locke.

What episode does Eren’s dad give him the key?

Then, now, in episode 2, Eren has a dream that his dad is trying to inject him with something (I know what it is but won’t spoil). He wakes up and thinks it was a dream, and proceeds to put the basement key around his neck into his shirt.

Is dodge an echo or a demon?

Dodge is the main antagonist of the Locke & Key graphic novels. It is a demonic being from the other side of the Black Door.

Why can’t Jackie remember the keys?

Tyler, who was dating his classmate, Jackie Veda, found out that Jackie’s memory of the keys was slowly fading away. It was because Jackie was soon going to be 18, and according to the spell, adults can’t remember the magic. Tyler and Kinsey recalled that Ellie and her group had found a way to remember the magic.

What is written on Eren’s grave?

When I reread the chapter this afternoon, her burying Eren in an unnamed grave with just the words “Here forever, resting peacefully, my most beloved, my dear.” had me sobbing.

What’s inside Eren’s basement?

The basement is a small room with a desk, a chair, and several shelves containing bottles of medicine and books about medicine. However, it was noted that this is just a facade meant to prevent suspicions from the Military Police in the case of inspection.

Does Gabe make a key?

So, what happens to Gabe during Locke & Key Season 2? While his master plan works at first, the Locke siblings manage to outsmart him in the end. After he successfully gets Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) to make the Demon Key for him, Gabe creates a demon army.

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