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Why is Killua in love with Gon?

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Why is Killua in love with Gon? It’s Killua respecting Gon for who he is, realizing that he’s light and he’s always been, he’s the one who saved him and who’s always been so bright and optimistic and always makes the best out of any situation.

Do Killua and Gon get together? Short answer: There is little or no canonical love from either Killua or Gon toward the other. If any kind of love is to be clearly deduced, it should be regarded as platonic or brotherly.

Does Killua kiss Gon? While explaining Baise’s nen ability, Killua kisses Gon, where he then wants to kiss him back as a way to show how Baise’s nen ability works.

Is Killua a girl? He is a typical shonen (or rather, typical male) hero. Killua on the other hand starts out as a character who has others try to decide his path for him (his family).

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Why do Gon and Killua split up?

Killua hurt Gon by leaving him because he found a new goal more important than him and by making him believe he didn’t want to be associated with him anymore, while Gon hurt Killua by making him think he only sees him as a teammate and that he’d rather be with Ging than with him.

Who did Gon go on a date with?

Gon and Killua return to meet Palm, prepared to face her fury upon failing to fulfill their promise, but she decides to forgive them when Gon accepts her request to have a date with her.

Do Gon and Killua split up?

In the final episodes of the anime, we saw Gon and Killua parting ways to continue their journey separately, Gon Freecs went to see his father, while Killua decided to spend his time with his little sister, Alluka.

Is Killua straight?

Killua Zoldyck is seen as a homosexual as he shows great feelings towards his best friend Gon. In the movie Phantom Rouge, Killua is seen showing feelings of jealousy when Gon finds another friend who he seems to have a good time with.

Who’s taller Killua or Gon?

Killua is taller than Gon in the 2011 anime. Not by much though. According to the wiki he’s 4 cm taller.

Does Gon have a love interest?

Those that believe that Gon and Killua had romantic feelings for each other use Killua’s character arc in the story as reason. More specifically, as it is believed that it was Kilua who was the one with the romantic feelings, while Gon only thought of their friendship as platonic.

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Table of Contents